Tech Support

  • School Laptops
    If you are using a school laptop, every night you should do 3 things so that updates then will run overnight and minimize day-time disruptions. More info.

    1. Log off (don't shut down)
    2. Close the lid
    3. Keep it plugged in overnight

    How to Join a Microsoft Teams Class

    1. Log in to my.cherrycreek
    2. Open Schoology
    3. Choose one of your courses
    4. Use the Microsoft Teams link provided by your teacher
    5. Need help? email your teacher or contact tech support
    6. If you have trouble with the web version of Teams, you should install the desktop app instead. Watch this video for instructions.

    Contact Tech Support

Homework Help



  • Parents, please access the the Parent Resource page for step-by-step instructions on each of these platforms.

    parent links

Attendance During Live Learning

  • Students are expected to be present and engaged during synchronous learning as attendance remains crucial to student success. ​Teachers will be taking attendance during synchronous learning and it is the expectation that students will log in on time in all of their classes. 

    ​In the event that your child is unable to attend any of their scheduled synchronous learning classes, ​we request that parents/guardians call the attendance line at 720-747-3896 to excuse the absence. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the student to communicate this to Overland High School officials. Your child will be marked as “unexcused” if the school does not receive any communication from the parent/guardian of the student.

  • Blended Learning Model

    This is the schedule for Overland High School through Friday, November 6.

    Students attend school 2 days per week in person according to their assigned cohort and work remotely on the other days.

    bell schedule

  • Full Remote Model

    Beginning Monday, November 9, we will be on a Full Remote schedule.

    In a full remote situtation, students do not attend school in person but will log in to Microsoft Teams to attend classes virtually from 10am–2pm. Cohorts will be combined back into single classes. Virtual classes are every day and alternate on the A-Day/B-Day schedule.

    The Cherry Creek School District has determined the need to go remote based on this metric:  District COVID Tracker


    bell schedule

    November calendar

    P: preparation days for teachers

    December calendar

    office hours schedule