• Tech Design and Engineering (Grades 6, 8)

     Teacher: Mr. Wahlborg

    This elective class is an early introduction to fundamental design and engineering concepts.   Students will learn and engage in the steps that a designer takes in creating a product:  define the problem, do background research, specify requirements, brainstorm solutions, choose the best solution, do development work, build a prototype, and test and redesign.  Students will learn the basics of Sketch Up and Solid Works, the computer drafting programs that are used in the high school drafting courses.  Different projects will challenge students to use their creativity and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts to work to solve problems and be innovative.


    STEAM Explorations (Grade 7)

     Teacher: Mr. Wahlborg

    Students will learn and actively use the Engineering Design Process to bring their designs to life. From fabrication tools to CAD and 3D printing, students are exposed to basic software, tools, and equipment found at the foundation of any CTE STEM pathway.   Students will utilize design software (SketchUp), Arduinos, coding, and other tools to manufacture new products. The course will end with students using all course skills to collaboratively create a final project. 


    Robotics (Grades 6, 7, 8)

     Teacher: Mr. Kelly

    Grade level courses designed for students to learn LEGO MindStorms Education Systems.  They will build a robot then use its dimensions to program it to move and turn precisely.  The additional use of sensors will provide the opportunity for students to work on more advanced MindStorms NXT programming techniques.


    Tech Motion Graphics and Gaming Grades (7, 8)

     Teacher: Mr. Kelly & Ms. Tessarolo

    Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are the foundations on which our 21st century society builds and maintains economic growth.  The curriculum for this class integrates the rigor and relevance of STEM into fun and exciting classroom learning.  Students will progress through four sequences:  graphics, animation, design and programming.  Students will be introduced to HTML, JavaScript, Alice, Scratch, Blender and BASIC.  Students will learn animation concepts and techniques as they work toward programming their own video game.