• Academics

    The curriculum at Mission Viejo Elementary emphasizes the whole child. Students are expected to show growth in their mastery of basic skills and in content associated with the Colorado State Model Content Standards. Information on these standards can be accessed on the Colorado Department of Education website: www.cde.state.co.us. National media and technology standards are also interwoven throughout the curriculum, in order to teach students how to access and utilize information. These content areas and skills lay a foundation for an excellent preparation for middle school and for eventual successful adults.


    The importance of regular school attendance cannot be over emphasized. Children should be in school when they are physically able. Although some assignments can be made-up, the interaction between student and teacher is irreplaceable.

    Students should go directly home after being dismissed in the afternoon. If a student is required to stay after school, parents will be called by the student or a teacher.

    Dismissal Time

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday dismissal is at 2:45pm. Wednesday is at 1:45pm.