• Traverse Academy serves students of the Cherry Creek School District (ages 10-18) who are experiencing significant mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or suicidal ideation. This may also include CCSD students who are experiencing other challenges such as:

    • Difficulty staying in the classroom and participating in education due to high levels of emotional distress.

    • High levels of irritability, impulsivity, or behavioral challenges that impact their ability to successfully engage in the classroom.

    • Twice-exceptional students who may not be able to engage cognitively, emotionally, and socially to their ability due to high levels of anxiety, perfectionism, or distress.

    • High-functioning autism and co-occurring emotional/behavioral concerns that interfere with their education.

    • Significant and impairing mental health symptoms in students who experience barriers to accessing appropriate care in the outpatient setting.

    Note, this facility is not for students with severe developmental disabilities, students experiencing an acute mental health crisis, or students whose primary concern is an eating disorder or substance abuse disorder.

Last Modified on October 17, 2023