About Us

  • Students and teachers interact at Coyote Hills Elementary School.

    The Cherry Creek School District’s central mission is “to inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, to care.” Serving more than 53,000 students and more than 300,000 residents in eight municipalities spread across 108 square miles, Cherry Creek Schools is a diverse district where inclusive excellence and college and career preparedness and success are priorities. At Cherry Creek Schools, our promise to our community is excellence for every student, every day.

    Our commitment to instructional excellence, workforce excellence and operational excellence is a compass that guides the work in every one of our schools. More than 79 percent of our faculty members have advanced degrees and our teachers have an average of 10 years of experience. Since 1955, more than 100,000 students have graduated from the district and have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarships. CCSD students consistently score well above state averages on standardized assessments and above state and national av​​​erages on SAT and ACT exams. Our superintendent and cabinet have decades’ worth of combined experience in instruction and administration at all levels of our district.

    Together, the CCSD community is working to realize our overarching goals, which include raising the academic achievement of ALL students, closing the gap between the highest- and lowest-performing students and eliminating the predictability of achievement by race. Our commitment to excellence has been a guiding principle for more than 65 years, and it steers our approach to preparing all our students for their best futures.

    Overland High School grads during the 2018 commencement ceremony

Last Modified on February 2, 2023