Academics at Willow Creek

  • At Willow Creek, both our curriculum and our methods of instruction are intended to nurture the whole child. We do not define success simply as achievement or test scores; our mission is to help all children become confident and caring students who are well-prepared for middle school and beyond.

    To Think​​​​
    At Willow Creek, we strongly believe that students need to know how to think critically and creatively. We support their learning of thinking skills with extensive and consistent use of the Thinking Maps​ program. Thinking Maps provide visual representations of common thought processes, such as comparison and contrast. 

    To Learn
    Students are expected to show growth in their mastery of basic skills and in content associated with the Colorado Academic Standards. Information on these standards can be accessed on the Colorado Department of Education website. These content areas and skills lay a foundation for an excellent preparation for middle school and for eventual success as adults.

    ​National media and technology standards are also interwoven throughout the curriculum in order to teach students how to access and utilize information. For more information about such standards, visit the ISTE Website.

    To Achieve​​
    Our instructional strategies are focused on supporting the achievement of each child. Careful planning and continuous monitoring help our teachers meet student needs.

    Cherry Creek Instructional Framework Website.

    At Willow Creek, we believe that delivering good instruction is only part of what is necessary for achievement. At every grade, we encourage the discipline and work habits that will help students become successful in education and life.

    To Ca​re
    We believe in guiding students to help them become caring and respectful people. Through rewarding positive behavior and emphasizing the importance of good choices, we demonstrate the value of being a good citizen. In addition, our PTO and our Student Council sponsor a number of events and activities that give students a chance to help others, such as our Food Drive for Cimarron and the student coin collection to help endangered animals.

Subject Area Information

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Math

  • Writing

  • Reading

Last Modified on October 10, 2023