Join Campus Middle School in celebrating those students making a difference here and in the community.

    December 2019:

    AMC8 Math Contest

    Campus had 47 students take the contest and here are the highlights.

    Srinivas Arun made a perfect score!

    We had 3 students place in the top 1% Nationally and 6 more place in the top 5% Nationally!

    2 of our youngest competitors earned special recognition for being a student in grades 6 or below scoring over 15 (out of 25) – Shruti Arun (scored 22) and 5th grader Joshua Liu (scored 20).

    Campus Mathletes are Rockstars!


    The Cherry Creek Math League wrapped up after 5 meets and lots of practices from September until December. We couldn’t be more proud of how our kids did.  Ed Olsen and Christy Marini did a great job jumping in this season and coaching our amazing 6th grade team!

    At this final meet, that includes all of the middle schools, the cumulative performance for each mathlete is tallied for the whole season.

    Two plaques are given out for the 2 Top District Scorers at each grade level and 2 plaques for Top West Division scorers at each grade level (our division is Campus, West, and Challenge).  

    Our amazing mathletes earned:

    Top District Scorer 6th Grade: Shruti Arun

    Top District Scorer 6th Grade: Ben Wu

    Top West Division Team 6th Grade

    Top West Division Scorer 7th Grade: Devin Jiang

    Top District Scorer 8th Grade: Ayan Vaishnav

    Top West Division Scorer 8th Grade: Karthikeya Kasa

    Top West Division Scorer 8th Grade: Shiven Saxena

    November 2019:

    Cardboard Challenge participants: Tamirlan Bayasgalant, Charlotte MacDonald, Xander Foster, Haasini Balineni, Anna Kislenkova, Lacey Richardson, Jackson Krier, Muhammad Danish, Laura Johnston, Lilly Rodriguez, Lisa May, Tatum Kraetzer, Joyce Zheng, Isabella Jackson, Paloma Heshmati, Yalun Wang, Damian Vargas, Rachel Wheatley, Natalia Byler, Adina Becker-Schwartz, Sarah Ali, Clara Hightshoe, Evelyn Hightshoe, Jaslene Irizarry, Brianna Guerra, Cara Comeau, Gabriela Hafley, Claire Skeehan, Eric Wan. Congratulations to all those who participated!


    April 2019:

    Campus Mathletes are World Class!

    The Purple Comet Math Meet is an international team math contest offered to middle and high school students around the world.  This year, 2,818 teams from 55 countries competed.  At Campus, the contest is open to any group of 1–6 students who wish to form a team.  Campus had 3 teams work together to take the 1-hour contest this year.  All 3 of our teams placed in the top 15% of the 1,480 middle school teams in the United States.  Team “Ei^πsteins” placed 9th in the country (top 1%) earning them Honorable Mention recognition!  They were also the first place team in Colorado followed by Team Crazy People who tied as the number 2 team in Colorado.


    Congratulations to all of our teams! Team Ei^πsteins (Srininvas Arun, Charlie Flaxbeard, Toby Shu, Catherine Yue, Ethan Lou, Arjun Manian), Team Crazy People (Ash Bhattacharya, Ben Fliegelman, Shiven Saxena, Jayden Wang, Gautam Balakrishynan, Caitlin Dong), and Team Aryabhatt (Ayan Vaishnav, Vendanth Sampath, Aditya Krishna).


    March 2019:

    MouthCounts State Competition:

    Three Campus students placed in the top 10 in the State out of the 167 who qualified.

    Ethan Lou -6th grade- took 9th,

    Charlie Flaxbeard - 8th grade - took 8th,

    Srinivas Arun - 7th grade- took 2nd and will represent Colorado at the National MathCounts competition in May in Orlando. They only send the top 4 from each state to nationals so that is awesome. Big day!


    February 2019:

    Congratulations to all 10 of our Mathletes. The team qualified for State MathCounts! State is Saturday, March 23rd at DU.

    Srinivas Arun
    Charlie Flaxbeard
    Arjun Manian
    Ethan Lou
    Keelan Hu
    Nicholas Rui
    Catherine Yue
    Ash Bhattacharya
    Toby Shu
    Jason Chen


    January 2019:

    Cherry Creek School District Spelling Bee:

    Congratulations to Carly Philpott, Jennifer Oh, Mariami Zhuzhunashvili and Rohini Kompella who competed in the district spelling bee on Friday. Good luck to Carly and Jennifer who will be going on to the state spelling bee in March!


    Regional Brain Bowl Tournament Results:

    Congratulations to the 9 Campus teams who competed in the Regional Brain Bowl Tournament on Saturday.  All teams represented Campus strongly.

    Further congratulations to the following teams who scored in the top 3 in our region and will be going on to the Colorado/Wyoming Championship Tournament:

    In 3rd place for 6th grade:

    Teddy Zhu, Andrew Huang, Isaac Scott, Peter Neptune, and David Park

    In 3rd place for 7th grade:

    Jayden Wang, Anika Sharma, Karthikeya Kasa, Ash Bhattacharya, and Finn Shelton

    In 2nd place for 7th grade:

    Josh Zhou, Srinivas Arun, Toby Shu, Shiven Saxena, Brandon Zhu, and Matthew Hu

    In 2nd place for 8th grade:

    Rudra Goel, Jack Betts, Daniel Wheatley, Arjun Manian, and Cameron Schlosser

    1st place for 8th grade and the regional 8th grade champions:

    Charlie Flaxbeard, Avi Grope, Eric Zhang, Ettie Gelster, and Catherine Yue



    American Mathematical Competition Results:

    Campus took the AMC8 competition test (which is a 25 question multiple-choice in 40 minutes test given nationally on the same day) back in the beginning of November.  We just got our results last night.

    We had 3 students place in the top 1% Nationally!  They received what’s called the Honor Roll of Distinction. They are 7th grader Srinivas Arun, 8th grader Charlie Flaxbeard, and 6th grader Ethan Lou.  WOW!

    We also had an additional 5 students place in the top 5% Nationally!  They receive the Honor Roll Certificate.  They are 7th graders Toby Shu and Jayden Wang, and 8thGraders Catherine Yu, Mikael Miao, and Eric Zhang.

    Ethan Lou also received a special award for being a 6th grader scoring 15 or more points – he receives the Certificate of Achievement.

    Finally, we played host to 7 -  4th and 5th graders who wished to take the exam.  (6 from Cottonwood thanks to Amy Bainbridge and 1 from Peakview by parent request). 

    5th Grader Shruti Arun (little sister to Srinivas) placed in the top 5% nationally and also received the Certificate of Achievement for scoring 15 or more points.  WOW!!

Last Modified on December 19, 2019