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    Volunteers and Visitors

    All school volunteers and visitors must check-in at the office as they arrive to school. We request the use of the main front entrance. Entrance to the school during the regular school day is monitored by a doorbell system and closed circuit video. Once access to the school has been granted, volunteers/visitors are required to properly sign-in and wear an identification badge during the time spent on our campus. Visitors who are not known by school personnel may be required to provide identification to be copied for school records.

    There are numerous opportunities to volunteer at Mission Viejo Elementary School. We encourage the participation of parents/guardians and members of the Mission Viejo community in our school. Mission Viejo Elementary requires that all volunteers read and sign an acknowledgement statement of the Volunteer Handbook.

    Volunteer Handbook​

    We request that parents/guardians notify the classroom teacher prior to visiting your child’s class during the school day. Parents wishing to visit a classroom other than the class their child attends must receive specific permission from the principal. We do not permit students who are not enrolled in our school to attend classes in our school.

    We do utilize the service of volunteers to assist with school Field Trips. Please contact the classroom teacher if you wish to assist with supervision on a Field Trip. We do not permit the siblings or friends of a student to join in on our Field Trip experiences.

    Please reference the Volunteer Handbook for additional volunteer guidelines and expectations.​

Last Modified on August 8, 2019