Parking & Entry Points

  • Parking at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus is a privilege extended to students that are attending classes, and have registered their vehicle with the CCIC Security Office. The CCIC Security Office will not charge for parking, or issue parking passes for the 2020/2021 school year. We will be issuing CCIC stickers for all registered vehicles.

     All students intending to park their vehicle on the CCIC Campus please:

    • Fill out and submit your vehicle information on the Register Vehicle link.
    • Students will be able to park in lots closest to their designated Entry Points.  Staff parking spots are marked in yellow.
    • Have the Security staff place a CCIC sticker on the parking pass from your high school or on the forward facing side of your rear view mirror. (within the first month).
    • Maintain a safe and alert attitude while driving on the CCIC Campus, and on the roads to and from your home school.
    • Maintain a safe speed, not to exceed 15MPH, and always give the right of way to pedestrians, while on the CCIC Campus.
    • Do not Loiter/Hang Out in the parking lot at any time.
    • Remember, while parking on any Cherry Creek School District property, you are on private property and subject to all rules of search, seizure, vehicle removal, and forfeiture of the right to park. This could also include disciplinary action.
    • Remember that all students exiting the campus must use the Bronco Parkway exit.
Parking Lots Map
Last Modified on August 14, 2020