• CCICafe

  • The CCIC has the first ever student-run cafe in the Cherry Creek School District as part of the Hospitality & Tourism Pathway.

    The CCICafé includes an espresso machine, blenders, a turbo chef and the Toast Purchasing system.  Breakfast, lunch and grab-and-go items are available.

    Cafe Hours:

    Mondays- CLOSED

    Tuesdays & Wednesdays- Grab & Go Days:

    • 7:30-9:50am- Fresh Brewed Coffee
    • 8:30-2:30pm- Food & Drink available

    Thursdays & Fridays- Café Days:

    • 7:30-9:50am- Fresh Brewed Coffee
    • 9:50-11:10am- AM Breaks
    • 1:00-2:20pm- PM Breaks

    CCICafé Goal: For students to gain an authentic hospitality experience running an operation and to complete their hands-on training hours in the cafe!

    CCICafé Purpose: To support the curriculum being taught in the classrooms of the Hospitality & Tourism pathway at the CCIC and create an opportunity for all pathway students to connect & collaborate!

    Payments: We accept Cash, Card, Debit, E-Gift Card, & Apple Pay

    This is not part of the federal school lunch program

    CCICafé Website

Last Modified on April 7, 2022