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    The art classes at Creekside will include an exploration of a wide variety of materials and media such as pencil, colored pencil, oil pastels, watercolor, tempera paint, cut and torn paper, clay, and chalk pastels. Students will explore some aspects of art history and will be encouraged to approach their artwork in an experimental and expressive manner. Additionally, Art Club is offered to students in fourth and fifth grades and meets Fridays after school.

    Mr. Schultz


    Students develop self-regulation skills, social-emotional competencies, and school connectedness in the literacy-based Specials class. The research-based and data driven curriculum used is “Second Step Skills for Social and Academic Success.”  Units of study for all grade levels include:

    Skills for Learning:  based on brain research indicating students who can self-regulate are better able to learn both in school and in life.

    Empathy:  understanding others’ feelings which helps students manage their own strong emotions and better solve interpersonal problems, which helps support project based learning and collaboration.

    Emotion Management:  teaching proactive strategies to help prevent situations from escalating.  Calming techniques are learned and practiced.

    Problem Solving: using the STEP acronym: S=Say the problem without blame, T=Think of solutions that are safe and respectful, E=Explore the consequences, P=Pick the best solution.

    This school year, 2019-2020, there will be collaboration with every teacher to offer project based learning opportunities to extend the social-emotional learning being done in every class.  Fifth graders focus on developing and strengthening leadership skills, as they create opportunities to extend the learning in class and apply it to real life situations.

    Ms. Pratt


    Music classes will follow the Colorado Academic Standards for music and will include movement, singing, instrumental work and composition.  Classes will be active with a variety of music in each lesson. Mrs. Schultz-Thomas is a vocalist and has done extensive choral work and is looking forward to continuing her choral tradition at Creekside.  The Cougar Choir will meet each Tuesday, and is open to students in  third through fifth grades.

    Ms. Schultz-Thomas


    Our P.E. program focuses on the Colorado State Standards for Physical Education K-5. These include locomotor and non-locomotor skills, manipulative skills, rhythmic movements, and fitness activities. These are accomplished through fun activities and games. We also offer an after-school intramural program for third, fourth, and fifth grade students.

    ​Mr. Pettinger


    In Explore, fifth graders will have the opportunity to extend and deepen their learning of classroom concepts through hands-on, open-ended, and creative tasks directly related to grade level content and standards.

    Mr. Swan

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