Dropping Off & Picking Up

  • To pick up or drop off your child, park on Genoa Way (not in the bus loading zone).  Your child should use the sidewalks on Genoa.  The gate into our parking lot is closed and locked from 2:35 to 3:15 p.m.  The Aurora Police Department, in conjunction with Cherry Creek Public Schools, uses a zero tolerance approach to traffic enforcement in school safety zones. Left turns out of the parking lot are not permitted from 7:45-8:15 am and 2:45-3:30 p.m. The use of crosswalks is mandatory.

    Students are allowed to enter the school at 7:45 am. The final bell, signifying the start of class is at 8:00 am. (This is the “Tardy” bell.)


    Traffic Rules for Sunrise Elementary 

    1. No Parking or standing in the fire lane RED curb area. (That is the area directly in front of the school in the parking lot) This area is for DROP OFF only and traffic must continue to move in this area. 
    2. Drop off is not allowed in front of the handicapped parking spaces at any time. Those spots are reserved for those vehicles with a handicapped placard clearly displayed.
    3. If you want to wait until 7:50 am, or want to walk your child to their door, you must park in a designated parking spot. Parking is available in the school parking lot and on S. Genoa Way. (Please do not use the handicapped parking spots unless you have a handicapped placard clearly displayed. Violators will be ticketed).
    4. When leaving the parking lot, it is a RIGHT TURN ONLY onto S. Genoa Way. Drivers are asked to refrain from turning left. This helps keep traffic moving inside the parking lot, as well as for the safely of the traffic on S. Genoa Way.


    Afternoon Pick Up Rules:

    1. Kindergarteners and first grade students are not released until the teacher sees the parent (or caregiver). This is for the safety of the student.
    2. For PICK UP ONLY, cars are not allowed to “park” in the fire lane in front of the school. It is also unlawful to leave your car at any time in a fire lane. Any car left parked in the fire lane may be subject to ticketing. If you need to leave your car to get your child from a dismissal area you are required to park in a designated parking spot in the parking lot or along S. Genoa Way. 
    3. When exiting the parking lot, it is a RIGHT TURN ONLY onto S. Genoa Way. This helps keep the traffic moving inside the parking lot as well as on S. Genoa Way. 
    4. Please give right of way to crossing guards at all times. They are there for the safety of our students. Violators may be ticketed. 
Last Modified on September 12, 2022