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  • Library

    Christy Legleiter

    Library: 720-554-3721

    Office: 720-554-3765

    ​“Because that’s what Hermione does,” said Ron, shrugging. “When in doubt, go to the library.”    ~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets



    Homestead Library Website

    Homestead Library Website


    Pigeon Presents 

    Pigeon by Mo Willems


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  • Physical Education

    Flori Jans

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    Physical Education banner  


    Homestead's physical education program aims for all students to fully participate and experience success in a wide variety of physical activities and games, and learn about a healthy lifestyle.

    PE / Health Standards


    1. I have skills to move, exercise and play


    1. I know how to move and can apply strategy in game play


    1. I exercise regularly & know how to stay fit and healthy


    1. I can be respectful, responsible and safe when I play


    1. I value physical activity, fitness and health


    P.E. Game Plan

    • Never settle for less than your best, so always play and try hard.
    • Play safe and smart.
    • Play fair and be a good sport.
    • Respect your peers, teacher and equipment.
    • Do what you are expected to do and stay on task, even if no one is looking.


    “Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”  ~Lou Holtz


    “If you don't take care of your body where are you going to live?”


     Physical Education Programs

    Click below each title for more information on that program

                  Global School Play Day

                       February 3, 2021




    Dr. Peter Gray’s TEDx Talk about the decline of play


    Homestead’s PE PLAY days

    Oct. 23, Nov. 5 & 20 / Dec. 11, Jan. 8 & 22 / Feb. 3 & 19, March 3 / March 26, April 9 & 23 / May 6, 21 & 27


    Stand back, stay calm and let the children PLAY and LEARN


    PE PLAY days pledge


    Today, we will play without and with equipment,

    alone or together with others, and we will choose what to do and how to do it.


    Everyone is free and welcome to leave or join an activity.


    We will be KIND to each other.

                  be SAFE.

      be POSITIVE.

                  be OPEN MINDED:

    What do you think if we do this ……… ?

                      What if we try that ………….. ?

                      Can we find a different way to ………. ?


      LISTEN to what others have to say.


      HELP and SUPPORT each other.


      RESPECT and SHARE equipment.


    Field Day

    Sign Up Here

    Kids at Field Day


    Walkin' Wheelin' Wednesday

    Walkin' Wheelin' Wednesday Information

    Walkin' Wheelin' Wednesday Map

    Bike Safety

    Pedestrain Safety

    Kids participating in Walking Wheeling Wednesday


    PE Intramurals

    PE Intramurals Information

    Kids participating in intramurals


    Orienteering at Bear Creek Lake Park

    Bear Creek Lake Park Information

    Kids orienteering


    Afternoon Mileage Club

    Afternoon Mileage Club Information

    Kids participating in mileage club


    Health and Nutrition Books


  • Bear Creek Lake Park

    Finding your way around and exploring Bear Creek Lake Park

    Kids at Orienteering Field Trip

    Since third grade, students have been learning about maps and orienteering in the gym, school building and on school grounds. In Fifth grade, they will experience an orienteering exercise in unfamiliar territory and have an opportunity to test their map reading skills on a permanent orienteering course in Bear Creek Lake Park.

    In preparation for their orienteering field trip, 5th grade students also participate in an interactive workshop titled Leave No Trace and Animal Adaptations presented by park ranger and naturalist Lindsay Gilles.

    Bear Creek Lake Park's permanent orienteering course is an ideal course for older elementary students. A larger scale map and a questionnaire will help guide the students as they navigate their way around the park in search for ten orange/white control markers.

    We do need eight parent volunteers for each 5th grade class.

    Parents will be able to sign up for your child's field trip through the Sign Up Genius Link late August.


    BCLP Field trip dates for 2019-20 school year

    Kids Orienteering

     Student looking at Map  Student on Wood  


    Mr. Brink & Mr. Fisher's classes on Tuesday, September 17

    Mrs. Meehan & Mrs. Short's classes on Tuesday, October 1



     Click here to download the Bear Creek Lake Park Orienteering Course Map

  • Music

    Debi Schlatter



    Click here to visit the:

    All grades K-5 participate in the Homestead music program as part of integrated arts. In general, the music program spans vocal activities, instruments, rhythm and learning to read music, although each class is tailored to the developmental stages for each grade level.



    Heather Fischbach

    Ph: 720-554-3719


    Hi, I'm Heather Fischbach, and I am so excited to join the Homestead Elementary family as the STEAM teacher. I am committed to providing a place in which your students have opportunity to build, create, code, imagine, ask questions, and try- try again until they have not only produced a product they are proud of, but have learned to become diligent, critical thinkers in the process.

    Failure happens quote by Mia Hamm  I think-I learn banner



  • Art

    Inger Moore

    Ph: 720-554-3753


    Click here to visit the: 

    Homestead ARTifact Site


     Links of Interest:

    (Click on the pictures to be taken to the site)


    Artsonia: Just beyond imagination

    Largest Kid's Art Museum in the World!

    If given permission, all students will have their artworks on display in this virtual art museum. It gives students, parents and grandparents a record of their child's yearly artwork as well as what they have created over the 6 years they are at Homestead. Items with your child's artwork printed on it is available for purchase if desired.


    Denver Art Museum

    Denver Art Museum: Go see it downtown!



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