• Alison Dinkins

  • Badria Bilgrami

  • Bethany Roberts

  • Danni Schlekeway

    Recess & Special Education

    Birthday - 7/20
    Favorite Store - Bath and body
    Favorite Restaurant - Anything Mexican
    Favorite - Kickballs
    Favorite Color - Red
    Favorite Flower - Tulip
    Favorite Drink - Reisling
    Favorite Treat - Chocolate chip cookies
    Favorite Hobby - Paddle boarding
    Allergies - None
    Favorite Starbucks Drink - Chai latte

  • Jennifer Murkey

  • Jennifer Savarese

  • Julie Cook

  • Lara Dreiling

  • Molly Pattison

    Special Education

    Name - Molly Pattison
    birthday- 12/26
    favorite store - Mainstream Boutique, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack
    restaurant - anywhere!
    School supply - ear plugs 🙂
    color - blue and green
    flower - wildflowers
    drink - coffee, water, wine!
    treat - anything chocolate, esp dark chocolate
    hobby - hanging with my family, playing with my pups
    Allergies - none other than seasonal
    Starbucks - not a fan but iced tea (unsweetened)

  • Natasha Ray

    Second & Third Grade

    Birthdate April 8th
    Favorite store(s) Target, TJ Maxx, Maurices
    Favorite restaurant(s) Cheesecake Factory, MOD Pizza
    Favorite school supplies(s) paper clips, sticky notes
    Favorite color Red
    Favorite flower Daisy
    Favorite beverage Sweet Tea
    Favorite treat Red Vines, Lemon Bundt cake, Doritos
    Hobbies All things crafty, hiking
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order London Fog with non-fat milk
    Non-fat Vanilla Latte
    Peach Green Tea Lemonade Sweetened

  • Rita Scohera

    Kindergarten & First Grade 

    Favorite Store Target
    Favorite Restaurant any place that has gluten-free options
    Favorite School Supply paper clips
    Favorite Color blue
    Favorite Flower daisy
    Favorite Treat plain m&ms
    Allergies gluten
    Starbucks Drink iced green tea

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