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  • Work-based learning is becoming more and more critical to preparing our students for the 21st-century workforce. Essential soft-skills such as collaboration, problem solving and negotiation will be key in the coming economy. In fact, 57% of senior leaders believe soft skills are more important than hard skills. 

    That’s why the Cherry Creek School has partnered with CareerWise Colorado to offer modern youth apprenticeship to our students. Apprenticeship provides additional avenues to college and career success while proving applied-learning environments with world-class businesses with positions in career pathways such as financial services, business operations and information technology. 

    Watch this short film below about why youth apprenticeship is an important innovation to our education system. 

  • In partnering with CareerWise, Cherry Creek School District gains access to the nonprofit’s employer network, training plans and technology backbone. Most importantly, CareerWise has developed a system that delivers tangible benefit to the students. Apprentices earn: 

    • Meaningful work experience (unlike a short internship, apprentices are being prepared to step into full-time roles)
    • A professional certification (signaling to employers they’re ready to work)
    • Approximately a semester’s worth of debt-free college credit (employers commit to up to $4,000 in career-related coursework in the final year)
    • A professional network (apprentices work with a direct supervisor and their teams, are assigned a coach/mentor at the company and many have regular direct interaction with CEOs and other executives)
    • A good paycheck (apprentices can earn about $40,000 over the course of the program)

    Below is an introductory video to CareerWise’s program and the benefits it affords students. 

  • To be eligible for apprenticeship, students need only be on-track to graduate. If your student is interested in exploring the possibilities apprenticeship can provide, he/she should speak with From that initial meeting we can help with the application process, including resume and interview preparation and exploring the open apprentice positions in our area. 

    For an idea of the types of apprenticeships that will be available, visit CareerWise’s occupations page

Last Modified on January 19, 2021