Remote Learning

  • The Cherry Creek School District will begin remote learning for all students on Monday, March 30, 2020. Our goal is to ensure that lessons are reasonable and meaningful so that students can remain engaged and learning can continue during this time. 

    Please note, the remote learning plan does not apply to Cherry Creek Elevation, which will continue to operate as an online high school without in-person classroom teams. Elevation students will resume classes as usual on Monday, March 30.

    We are committed to creating a remote learning plan that serves all students and provides a reasonable balance for you, your student and their teacher. As part of our planning, we are considering ways to ensure that all students have access to technology and internet service in their homes. We will be sending out a technology needs survey via text and email to identify families that are in need of technology in the home.

    We are also working on plans to meet the needs of our students who receive special education, English language supports and gifted and talented supports. We will have more information on those plans in the coming days.

    It will take some time for teachers to master the use of online instructional technologies and models. Additionally, teachers will need to adjust lesson plans to make learning meaningful and accessible within an age-appropriate remote learning environment. Some of our teachers currently offer assignments and activities online, but that is significantly different than moving all teacher-based instruction and learning to a remote learning environment. We are doing our best to design and implement a new way of teaching and learning in CCSD. Your principal and teachers will provide details, but I want to offer a few specifics for your planning.

    • Communication
      • Communication with families is critical. Parents should confirm that their contact information is accurate in PowerSchool so communication can be received.
    • School work
      • The first lesson of the week from each course or content area will be emailed/posted to students/parents by 2 p.m. on Monday of each week. The teacher will assign and communicate to students the due dates for all work.
      • Students will be allowed to submit assignments for review through a variety of formats. (For example: Schoology, Google Classroom, PDF and JPG, emailed attachments, pictures of their handwritten work, etc.)
    • Grading
      • Our mission remains the same as it did before this crisis: We will work to ensure that your child receives the education that he or she deserves and needs to pursue their pathway of purpose and build a bright future. The purpose of the lessons is to provide essential standards and content and to keep students working towards the end-of-year expectations. Students will receive feedback on work and assignments that are turned in for review. Grading practices will be level-specific and intended to support students rather than negatively impacting their grades. More information will come directly from your child’s teacher.

    I am asking our teachers to shift what has been purposefully developed as a brick-and-mortar operation for the last 70 years into a remote learning environment in four days. I ask for your patience, grace and support as we enter this new phase of excellence in Cherry Creek together.

    We will get through this together. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

    Scott A. Siegfried, Ph.D.


Last Modified on March 31, 2020