CCIC Summer School Opportunities

  • CCIC is offering FREE courses during the first session of CCSD summer school (June 6 - June 24).  Classes meet Monday - Friday, 8am - noon.

    Registration is through the CCSD Summer School office and is now CLOSED . More Information about other CCSD summer school opportunities can be found on the Cherry Creek Summer School Page. 

    Classes are in person at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus: 8000 S. Chambers Road, Centennial, CO 80112.

    There is no bus transportation provided during summer school sessions.  Parking is available on the CCIC campus.

    Uniforms are not required at the CCIC during summer sessions.

    CCIC follows Cherry Creek School District summer school policies regarding tuition, attendance and student expectations.


  • Beginning Woodworking

    In this course, students will learn the fundamental processes of woodworking, including the safe use of power tools (table saw, jointer, surface planer drum sander, and wood lathe), squaring a board, basic wood joints, laminating wood, sharpening tools, and hand rubbing oil finish. Projects include a laminated clipboard, a small miter box, and a woodturning task. This course is for students who have little or no woodworking experience and want to explore the art of fine woodworking using domestic and exotic hardwood.

    Grades: 9-12; credit awarded to students entering 10-12

    Credit: .5 Credit

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

    This course is an entry level design class developed to teach students how to use various drawing instruments to read and create technical drawings and 3D parts. This course is designed for students interested in exploring careers related to technical careers such as engineering and product design. Students will demonstrate their new skills through hands on projects and display how various software is used in industry. The course will culminate with students taking the Certified SolidWorks Associate exam, an industry level certification exam used to demonstrate a student’s level of expertise using SolidWorks. Focuses on basic computer aided drafting skills using the SolidWorks software. Includes file management, Cartesian coordinate system & dynamic input, drawing templates, drawing aids, linetype and lineweights, layer usage, drawing & editing geometric objects, polylines & splines, array, text applications, creating tables, basic dimensioning and help access.

    CAD is a suggested prerequisite for Product Design I.

    Grades: 9-12; credit awarded to students entering 10-12

    Credit: .5 Credit

    Dual Enrollment: Metro State University of Denver (IND 1450), $50 additional fee per MSU credit, 3 credits - this fee is paid separately from registration during the first week of classes

  • Computer Programming I

    This course intended to teach students the basics of computer programming. The course places emphasis on practicing standard programming techniques and learning the logic tools and methods typically used by programmers to create simple computer applications. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be able to solve problems by planning multi-step procedures; write, analyze, review, and revise programs, converting detailed information from workflow charts and diagrams into coded instructions in a computer language; and will be able to troubleshoot/debug programs and software applications to correct malfunctions and ensure their proper execution.

    Grades: 9-12; credit awarded to students entering 10-12

    Credit: .5 Credit

  • Hospitality & Culinary Exploration

    This course will give students an insight into the various career paths available throughout the hospitality industry. Students will begin the course learning about the Resort & Event Management pathway through virtual field trips, guest speakers, soft skills, and guest service scenarios. They will continue the course by exploring the culinary arts with learning basic skills, preparing a variety of recipes, and learning about the culinary industry as a career path.

    Grades: 9-12; credit awarded to students entering 10-12

    Credit: .5 Credit

  • Introduction to Health Care

    Introduces health sciences with an overview of the five pathways that make up the health science cluster. The course addresses the foundation standards including health maintenance, employability skills, teamwork, healthcare systems, communications, and legal issues in healthcare. This course aligns with the Colorado Community College course Intro to Health Care (HPR 123) and Health Care Practices (HPR 124). Concurrent enrollment opportunities is offered in some sections of this course.

    Introduction to Health Care is a suggested prerequisite for all CCIC Health & Wellness courses.

    Grades:  9-12; credit awarded to students entering 10-12

    Credit: .5 Credit

    Certifications: Basic Life Support (BLS) through American Heart Association or American Red Cross CPR/FAS/AED

    Concurrent Enrollment: Arapahoe Community College

Last Modified on June 2, 2022