Qualifying for Concurrent Enrollment

  • How to Qualify for Concurrent Enrollment Credit through CCA

    • STEP 1: You must apply through Community College of Aurora -- Click here for current video directions on applying or click here for a PDF guide to applying
      • Part of the application is registration for COF (College Opportunity Fund); credit earned will be deducted from the COF
        lifetime account (145.0 credit hours).
    • STEP 2: To qualify, a student may need to complete prerequisites, which may include
      • an introductory course completion
      • submission of ACT or SAT scores
      • or the passing of an AP exam
      • Self-Assessment (provided by high school CE teacher)
    • STEP 3: Students and parents must both sign the Panda Doc agreement form
      • This form will be emailed to the student district email account and to Parent/Guardian 1 listed in PowerSchool.
      • If you have any issues finding and/or signing this, please contact mstorey@cherrycreekschools.org.
    • STEP 4: A student must achieve a final grade of “C” or higher to be eligible for concurrent enrollment credit.

    Important Information to Know

    • Students will also receive high school graduation credit for their CE course.
    • Students must be enrolled in this class for the entire semester or year and finish with a grade of C or higher to earn
      concurrent credit.
    • Students are required to complete all necessary Community College of Aurora documentation
      • Application to the appropriate institution (CCA)
      • Completed Course Agreement form for EACH course prior to established deadlines.
    • The college credit will be awarded through Community College of Aurora
    • Students should check with their transferring institution regarding the transferability of the course.
      • Not all CE courses are guaranteed transfer, but most colleges or universities will help you navigate what they will accept and what it counts for at their institution.
    • Students may enroll in CE courses without opting in to earn CE college credit.