CCSD Strategic Plan

  • Superintendent Chris Smith with elementary studentSuperintendent's Message

    The Cherry Creek School District is committed to its promise of excellence for every student, every day. We offer a professional teaching workforce recognized as one of the best in the state with rigorous academics, unmatched  athletics and activities, and critical support and resources for all students. Our goal is to ensure our students thrive in a safe and inclusive learning environment that propels them to successful futures.

    The 2023-24 school year brings several exciting programs and initiatives for our community, such as free breakfast and lunch meals for every student, a third school-based community health center, and the opening of Traverse Academy, a first-of-its-kind mental health facility operated by a school district. With the new Universal Preschool program, we are pleased to welcome even more young learners into our buildings to ignite their curiosity and love for learning as they begin their educational journey. 

    Along with these new initiatives, I’m pleased to share our CCSD Strategic Plan, which outlines three key priorities: 1) Literacy; 2) Health and Wellbeing; and 3) Disproportionality. Each of these strategic objectives will ensure our organization operates in a way that supports our amazing teachers and staff while providing every student with the high-quality education and supportive environment necessary to find their Pathway of Purpose.

    Our strategic plan comes with a bold and aspirational goal – to have every student meeting benchmarks by 2030 and to eliminate disproportionality in literacy as measured by state assessments. Our mission is to create the opportunities and access to high-quality education that empowers all students to reach their highest potential.

    The Cherry Creek School District’s legacy of excellence in education goes back more than 70 years. With a renewed focus on these three objectives, the Cherry Creek School District will be able to continue to deliver an excellent educational experience for all students, today and into the future. 

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Last Modified on March 11, 2024