Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the walking distances from our home to school before my child can qualify for transportation services?
    > Elementary School, 1 mile
    > Middle School, 1-1/2 miles
    > High School, 2 miles

    Do I have to meet my K-5 General Education student at the bus stop?

    Our practice has been that we drop off all elementary students K-5 off whether parents are there or not.  However, pre-school students we will drop off to parents or return them to school.  If we have an elementary student who is unsure of stop and not in our system we will take them back to the school.  

    Where is the lost and found for the buses?

    If the driver can identify which school the item was misplaced from it will be returned to the school. If there is no indication of which school and after being on the bus several days the driver brings in the item and puts it in the lost and found box at the terminal. Boxes are emptied quarterly.

    If I have a complaint who do I talk to?
    You may respond via the Transportation Contact page. You may also call the Dispatch Office and you will be put through to the appropriate person.

    Can my student take his/her skateboard, scooter, or rollerblades on the bus?
    No, these items pose a safety hazard. If your student needs any of these items they must find alternate transportation. This includes if the item is for a class project or fieldtrip.

    My student is doing a project on their pet, is he/she allowed to bring the pet on the bus?
    No, due to allergy issues and the safety of the other children we cannot allow any animals on board.

    What do I do if my student didn't get off at their stop?
    Contact the Dispatch Office and they will speak with the appropriate person to investigate the situation.

    Why wouldn't the driver let my student off at a stop other than his own?
    For safety reasons students are only allowed to exit the bus at their own stop. If a student needs to get off at a different stop they need to have a note from their parent or guardian stating the reason why and it must be signed, dated, and have a contact number. The transportation department may contact the parent at the number given to ensure the student has permission.

    Wondering about snow days?
    Have you wondered why a snow day was called when there was little snow at your house, or why one wasn’t called when you had several inches? As local meteorologists know, forecasting Colorado weather is an inexact science. For example, the Jan. 28th storm was predicted to be just a few inches. When CCSD leaders started driving the district’s 108 square miles at 3 a.m., there was no snow falling. Later in the morning, the storm intensified quickly and significantly, catching even the weather experts off guard. 

    My student just missed the bus.  Why wouldn't the driver stop after pulling away from the curb?
    According to State rules for student transportation, drivers are prohibited from making additional stops from their assigned route.

Last Modified on September 2, 2021