Health & Wellness

  • Health & Wellness Image Whether a student’s focus is physical or occupational therapy, behavioral health, nursing, or pharmacy, the Health & Wellness pathway provides students opportunities to explore various Allied Health professions at the aide/technician level. In these courses, students will meaningfully integrate their knowledge and skills with hands-on labs, authentic clinical settings, and industry-grade equipment.

    The Health & Wellness Pathway offers four program options:

Health and Wellness Flow Chart
  • Introduction to Health and Wellness

    An exploration of careers in healthcare, along with necessary leadership and employability skills. Students will learn basic human anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, CPR/First Aid, and Safety/AED certification.

    Grades: 10-12

    Length / Credit: 1 Semester / 1 Credit (.5 CTE / .5 Life Science)

    Concurrent Enrollment: Arapahoe Community College (HPR 123, HPR 124 & HPR 178)

    Certifications: American Red Cross CPR/FAS/AED

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