• The Pathways offering English core credits are:

    • Business Services - Project Management for Entrepreneurs I, II & III
    • Business Services - CTE Capstone
    • Health & Wellness - Behavioral Health Technician
    • Hospitality & Tourism - Hospitality Youth Apprenticeship
    • Hospitality & Tourism - Lodging & Resort Management
    • Hospitality & Tourism - ProStart Youth Apprenticeship

    English skills in each pathway will encourage students to communicate professionally and proficiently and develop skills in public speaking. Students will also gain confidence in writing and researching as it pertains to their Pathway and future career.

    With this model, students will not only be on the road to success, but they will also see first-hand how English is used within their industry! Content in these courses is designed to provide learners with real-world skills, context, and industry terminology to succeed in today’s workplace.

Student Testimonial English
Student Testimonial English
Student Testimonial English

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