• Shelley Shelley Dulsky

    Hello Belleview Students, Families, Staff and Community!

    I am incredibly honored to be joining the amazing Belleview Elementary School community as your next principal. I am filled with feelings of gratitude for this opportunity and hope for the future that we will create together. I can't wait to meet all of you!

    When I heard that Belleview was to be my new home I literally jumped for joy! I was out walking my dogs with my daughter when I got the amazing news and our walk turned into a celebration. I could not be more excited about the journeys we will share as we move into a world that has, over the past year, forever changed. I believe that this year has provided all of us with new perspectives and new knowledge that we can use to reinvent our future and change our world for the better. The time is now and I'm ready to get started!

    I'll be coming to Belleview as a fourth-generation educator. My great-grandmother taught in a one-room schoolhouse in rural Oregon, and my grandmother and mom were life-long elementary school teachers. I have worked with students and families throughout my professional career, both as an educator, and prior to that as an attorney. During my legal career, I represented children in the juvenile justice system where I worked tirelessly on cases advocating for the rights of young people. As an educator, I have served students as a teacher, a gifted and talented specialist, instructional coach, dean and principal. I earned my B.A. in psychology from U.C. San Diego, my law degree from the University of San Diego, and my Ed.S from CU Denver. I am continuously learning and recently have co-authored and published research about the global educational response to the pandemic. 

    If my background makes me sound too serious, don't worry! Creating joyful, fun, exciting, and challenging school environments in partnership with students, parents and caregivers, and staff is what I absolutely love to do! Doing this work together, with all of you who care deeply about our community, ensures that we can meet any challenges that we face and that we will always be celebrating successes.

    On a personal note, I am a very happy member of a great family. My husband Ethan and I have two grown daughters. Our youngest is a writer and artist and our oldest is in her first year of a Ph.D. program in St. Andrews, Scotland. We have two Goldendoodles - Oliver and Piper - who are very active and keep us outside all the time. We love hiking, traveling and spending time together. 

    I will bring my best to Belleview each and every day and thank you in advance for welcoming me to your community.


    Shelley Dulsky


Last Modified on April 19, 2021