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Linda Maccagnan


Welcome to High Plains, home of the Hawks! There are many similarities between hawks and the students, staff, and community at High Plains. These similarities can be found in our High 5 for High Plains behaviors: respect, positive, achieve, responsible, and safe.

With more than 200 species, hawks are diverse. At High Plains, we respect and celebrate the diversity within our community. We proudly accept the responsibility of being a neighborhood school and work hard to ensure the culture of our school is warm, welcoming, and respectful to everybody. Demonstrating our commitment to inclusion, we have a community liaison, Claudia Guerra, who connects families that speak different languages with the school. Our parents created the Social Emotional Culture Committee to nurture a positive and welcoming family community.  

Hawks soar high and use their superior vision to scan the environment, which gives them great perspective and focus. At High Plains, we also scan our environment and choose to be positive. We teach our students to have a growth mindset and embrace mistakes as the pathway to learning. In support of our school climate, our Parent Teacher Community Organization (PTCO) organizes many events that contribute to a positive environment and we encourage all families to be involved in the school in any way possible.

Because of their hunting skills and innovative feeding routines, hawks are considered intelligent animals. Through collaborative hunting strategies, hawks are successful, just as our students are successful and achieve at high levels. Our vision is Every Child, Every Day and our staff collaborates to ensure high growth and achievement for every child through rigorous, comprehensive instruction based on Colorado State Standards. We have a range of support for students from learning support to appropriate challenge for advanced students. And, because our staff also gets results through their collaborative efforts, High Plains is a National Solution Tree Model PLC School.

Hawks build their nests and keep them for years. They assume responsibility for their homes and improve on their structure over the years. At High Plains, we are responsible for ourselves and one another. Our High 5 for High Plains expectations and commitment to social emotional learning are examples of our commitment to teaching and practicing positive behaviors that keep our nest safe.

Hawks are territorial, always protecting their nest and keeping each other safe. At High Plains, we are committed to creating a safe, respective, and inclusive environment. We emphasize social, emotional and physical safety by teaching about bully proofing, mindfulness, and social problem solving, and by practicing physical safety routines and drills.

Thank you for trusting us with your little Hawk. Every member of the High Plains staff is deeply committed to your child and can't wait to see him or her soar! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or good news you have about your child. You can also follow our own Hawk, Hawkeye, on Instagram at hawkeye.hawk.



Linda Maccagnan


Last Modified on May 20, 2019