About Highline Community Elementary School

  • Highline Community School is a warm and welcoming environment focused on academic achievement coupled with social and emotional growth for all students.  We value the diversity and the rich experiences our students and their families contribute to our community.  We are proud to be part of the Highline neighborhood.

    There are approximately 560 students at Highline in kindergarten through 5th grades.  Highline offers a variety of programs and opportunities that enrich the academic experience for all of our students. These programs include Gifted/Talented, English Language Acquisition, Reading Intervention, School-Wide Title I programs, and an Individualized Learning Center for our multi-handicapped students. Through these services we effectively educate our students and provide them with individualized instruction

    Highline is a unique community with a large number of English language learners. In our English Language Acquisition program, students acquire English proficiency while simultaneously respecting their native languages and cultures.  English classes are offered for our non-English speaking parents through a Cherry Creek School District English Language Acquisition Department grant.  Our 79% diverse population enhances the values and learning styles of the Highline community.

    The Highline staff is truly focused on high achievement for all of our students.  We provide a rigorous learning environment with high expectations that will ensure a productive and meaningful future. Our goal is to create a foundation for our students so that they will all be prepared to attend college as young adults.

    Highline also offers after-school tutoring groups, before and after school daycare program, PE Intramurals, handbells and vocal choirs.

Last Modified on August 21, 2019