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Chris Hardy

Hello Families-Welcome back to school! We are looking forward to having your children join us for a year of learning and growth in the 2020-2021 school year. This year is going to look and feel very different, but we are going to do our best to make it as normal as possible while keeping kids and adults safe. 

State Count Day: Did you know that Homestead gets our state funding based on the number of students that are present on this day? The student October count is the single most important state required data submission that we participate in each school year! While every day at school is important, please make every effort to send your children to school on October 1 to be counted! Please be to school on time!

More on Bikes and Scooters: “Walk Your Wheels” Protect Mrs. K! There have been a few times recently that Sheila Knutsen, our crossing guard, has almost been hit by bike riders. Please remind kids to walk their bikes and scooters in crosswalks and once they get onto school grounds. This reduces the risk of accidents with pedestrians.

More on Dogs: We still love them, but, we have found that even on a leash, dogs can still present a risk to kids…some are afraid, some are allergic. Please help us make sure they feel safe here at school by leaving your dog at home. Thanks so much!

Homestead Apparel: Have you seen the new Homestead gear with the new school logo? If you missed your chance to order new school apparel the first time, you have another chance now! The online store is open again and you have until October 7th to order Homestead t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags and more!

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Francis at

Masks: Please send your child(ren) with two masks each day. Tri-County Health Department has mandated mask-wearing because research and science show that wearing a mask is critical to slowing the spread of the virus, especially in indoor spaces. We will work with individual students to address any difficulties or medical issues with wearing masks. Masks can only be removed during heavy physical activity at recess, getting a drink or while eating. If a child needs a mask “break” at recess, they can let the teacher assistant know. 

Birthday Treats: Unfortunately, we will not be able to have birthday treats (edible or inedible) this year because of COVID risks. This is to protect all of our students and families.

Getting ready for school each day: Please take your child’s temperature and check for symptoms before sending them to school. The district will provide all students and staff access to a symptom checker app that will walk them through the symptom check process. Please have your children wash their hands prior to arriving at school. If you are walking with your child(ren) onto school grounds, please wear a mask, and maintain six feet of distance from other individuals.




Last Modified on September 28, 2020