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Welcome Letter from Principal Rubio

Dear Summit Families,


Greetings and welcome back! I have so missed the joy and energy you and your children bring to this building. I am so thrilled to see our Summit Eagles once again!  While I know the 2020 – 2021 school year will look and feel different, my staff and I are excited for the chance to meet your children face to face and create positive relationships to set the foundation for this year. 


Our journeys over the last five months have each been unique. I recognize that the racial injustices present in our world and the pandemic have shaped the conversations happening in homes and how critically important it will be to listen to the voices of our children and embed teachable moments into our classrooms. As a staff, we are committed to learning, growing, and talking about race and equity to best serve all of our students at Summit Elementary. 


Our staff has been focusing on, not only preparing engaging lessons, but also on safety while preparing for this year. Everything we have planned has been through the lens of safety and be assured that we are going to do all that we can to ensure that our students and staff are working in the safest way possible. Below are the details for this upcoming year and the changes we have made to maintain safety for all.

Yours in education,


Rachel Rubio



New Staff added to the Summit Family

Anne Peck

1st Grade Teacher

Erin Johnson

5th Grade Teacher

Malory Masajlo

5th Grade Teacher

Christina Turner

4/5 BD Teacher

Kassandra Lee

2/3 BD Teacher

Heather Palumbo

Instructional Coach

Ian Ostrowski

Art Teacher

 Iridian Carrillo



Parent Information for Start of 2020-2021 School Year


Classroom Teachers and Meet and Greet

  • You will receive a welcome email from your child’s teacher on August 13, 2020 at 12:00 pm
  • The email will include information about the start of the school year and a link to join a virtual Meet and Greet with your classroom teacher and classmates on Thursday evening.
  • Summit Virtual Meet and Greet
    • Teachers will host virtual Meet and Greet from 5:30 to 6:30 to welcome you and your children to the classroom community. They will be able to see classmates online and connect. 
    • Links for Meet and Greet can be found in the email from the classroom teacher.
    • There will not be a set program so you can jump on at any time during the hour. Links for Meet and Greet can be found in the email from the classroom teacher.


Phase In Week Information (August 17 - 21st)

In order to begin this year safely, your child will only attend school for one day during the first week.  


Grade Level Schedule

  • Monday August, 17th: Only 5th gradersattend school this day
  • Tuesday August 18th: Only 4th gradersattend school this day
  • Wednesday August 19th: Only 3rd gradersattend school this day
  • Tuesday August 20th: Only 2nd graders attend school this day
  • Friday August 21st: Only Kindergarten and 1st gradersattend school this day


Benefits of a Phase In Approach:

  • Small number of students on campus to learn new routines 
  • A chance to build relationships with their teacher and classmates
  • Practice our new arrival and dismissal procedures with support from the Summit staff
  • Teachers will be able to connect with families individually 
  • Staff will be able to make any adjustments throughout the week to ensure the safest school environment for students and staff at Summit. 


 Arrival on the First Day of School - Phase in Week Only

  • Staff will open your child’s grade level door at 7:45 am to greet students and allow them into the building.
  • Staff will be inside the building ready to help guide your child safely through the halls to their classroom.
  • Staff members will be outside helping students find where their grade level doors to enter the building.
  • You can refer to the building map to identify which door your child will enter in the morning.


Kindergarten Information

  • We are looking forward to the start of Kindergarten this month! We would like to take the opportunity to meet with you and your student before the school year begins. We will be scheduling individual 20 minute meetings the first week of school. You will hear from the Kindergarten teachers by Thursday, August 13th with more information about what this time will look like and how to sign up.


Morning Arrival Information

  • All Grade Levels will have an assigned door to support safety and grade level cohorting. Please refer to the map below to know which entrance your child(ren) will enter the school. 
  • Students are allowed on campus beginning at 7:45 a.m. We will have a soft start morning arrival allowing students to enter in through their assigned grade level doors anytime between 7:45-8:00 a.m. 
    • If you are walking your child to school, please drop him/her off near the designated doors. There will be visual markings on the ground indicating where parents should drop off their child before allowing their child to walk independently to the assigned doors. This is to support physical distancing among parents, staff and students. 
    • If you are driving your child to school, please be mindful that your child will need to enter the school through their assigned doors. 
  • Students who arrive by bus will be met by a Summit staff member and walked to their designated grade level door. 


  • Please be reminded that students should not play on the playground before school begins and please do not drop your children off at school prior to 7:45 a.m. 
  • If your child arrives at school later than 8:00 am, please have him/her enter into school using the main entrance. Arriving after 8:00 will result in a tardy. 
  • Students who eat breakfast at school will have breakfast delivered to them in their classroom. 


End of Day Dismissal 

Afternoon Dismissal will begin at 2:40 pm to allow enough time for all students to exit the school safely.

  • At 2:40 pm, students in our ECS (Aftercare) program, those riding a CCSD bus, and walkers will have an adult walk them through the building to their exit.
  • Students that are being picked up by family will be released at 2:45 pm. Teachers will walk them to an area designated for pick-up. Each family will be receiving a window tag to place on their mirror with your child’s name and grade level for pick up. We encourage you to remain in your car in the pick-up line and our staff will get your child for you.  
  • Please refer to map:



School Supplies

  • If you are purchasing school supplies, please make sure to individually label each item with your child’s first and last name.
    • You can send school supplies with your child on their first day or the week of August 24th.
  • We understand that not all families are able to purchase all of the school supplies on our list this year. If you are not able to purchase items, we will have additional supplies for students. 


Nutrition Services Updates

  • A new system will be used for breakfast and lunch accounts. The information for the Titan system is attached to this email. This will also serve as the location for our CCSD Free and Reduced lunch application.
    • The TITAN Family portal is a secure, online system that allows parents to:
      • Make an online payment to their children’s cafeteria meal accounts
      • Remotely monitor their children’s accounts
      • Set up automatic recurring payments
      • Set up low balance e-mail message alerts
      • Submit an online application for free and/or reduced meals
    • Nutrition Service Prices for Elementary School
      • Breakfast: $2.00
      • Lunch: $3.25


  • Free and Reduced Lunch Applications through Titan Application: Link Here
    • PLEASE fill this form out. Your child(ren) may qualify for free or reduced lunch and breakfast. This also helps our school with funding. As a Title I school, we receive additional funding for all of our children. Please take the time and if you need support, call our office and Ms. Renee or Ms. Iri will walk you through the process.


 Visitors in Building

  • No visitors will be allowed past the main office entry this year. We will provide more guidance around early pickup, dropping off items to the school and other things. 
  • Please call the office if you have questions.


Online resources for families:


Last Modified on August 13, 2020