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Mia Robinson


Greetings Village East Families!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. I hope this letter finds you doing well and enjoying the lovely summer weather and your time with family. A lot has changed in our world from the end of last year to now. I am sure you have experienced how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how things are done everywhere. This will be true for how we do school at Village East also.
Rest assured that we will get through this together and have a wonderful school year! Learning and safety are our top priorities. Our goal is to create the safest learning environment possible for our students, families and staff. Below are important details about the changes that you will experience when you return:

Grade Level Phase-in Week Start Dates:
We are going to have a phase-in start to the school year that will include phasing in one grade level at a time during the first week of school. Our goal in doing this is to review the social distancing guidelines and procedures with students one grade level at a time before all students return to the school together. Our students in grades K-5 will be all together starting Monday, August 24th.
Monday, August 17th - 5th Grade only
Tuesday, August 18th - 4th Grade only
Wednesday, August 19th - 3rd Grade only
● Thursday, August 20th - 2nd Grade only
Friday, August 21st - Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Arrival Times:
We will have staggered arrival times to ensure the safety of all students and support with social distancing guidelines. Please try to bring your child as close to these assigned times as possible.
Parents are allowed to walk their child to the grade level doors, but not enter the building.
Please honor social distancing guidelines with other families and stay at least 6 feet apart.
There are social distancing signs on the ground to help with social distancing. One family per sign please.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Students’ arrival time will be at 7:40 am – 7:50 am
3rd – 5th Grade Students’ arrival time will be at 7:50 am – 8:00 am

Grade Level Doors:
Grade level doors will be opened at the grade level’s assigned time.
● Door 4 - Kindergarten
● Door 3 - 1st Grade
● Door 2 – 2nd Grade
● Door 7 or walk to mobiles – 3rd Grade
● Door 1 and then walk to mobiles – 4th Grade
● Door 6 – 5th Grade
● Door 2 - ILC

Our school will still provide Breakfast in the Classroom free for all students. No parents are allowed to enter the building to support with breakfast service. Breakfast will now be delivered to the classrooms.

Dismissal Times:
We will have staggered dismissal times to ensure the safety of all students and support with social distancing. Please try to pick up your child at the assigned time or as close to the time as possible. If your child is not picked up by 3:00 pm, he/she will be waiting with their teacher in the waiting chairs in the lobby.

Kindergarten – 1st Grade Students’ dismissal time will be at 2:35 pm
2nd – 3rd Grade Students’ dismissal time will be at 2:40 pm
4th – 5th Grade Students’ dismissal time will be at 2:45 pm

Great news! Our students will be attending specials in the specials’ classrooms.
● Cleaning will happen between cohorts, as well as minimizing cohort intermingling.
● Specials will be on a two week rotation where each class will have the same special for 2 weeks (10 days).

Flexible Groupings and Lunch/Recess:
A grade-level is considered a “Cohort”. Cohorts will NOT be mixed with other cohorts.
● A single grade level cohort of students may eat lunch in the cafeteria and play together at recess.
● Students will wash their hands before and after eating lunch.
● Students will clean their own area after they eat and staff will disinfect the area after each grade level cohort.

Visitors/Volunteers and Office Business:
All parents will be required to wear masks when entering the office.
Signing students in and out of the building: Please wait in the lobby until it is your turn to enter the office. You can sign your child out in the book in the lobby area on the stand.
● There will be social distancing signs that are in the front lobby area and lead outside to the front of the building. There will be a K-2 line and a 3-5 line of students waiting to enter the building. If you have office business, please wait in one of the black waiting chairs in the lobby. Only one parent is allowed in the office at a time. Office staff will call you into the office when it is your turn. There is a 2 person maximum in the office.
WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY VOLUNTEERS THIS YEAR. Sorry, it is for the safety of our students and staff.

This is a lot of new information! We are here for you if you need anything or have any questions. If you would like to call the office, please call 720-747-2000. We cannot wait to see you in person!


Mia Robinson Mia Robinson, Principal
Village East Elementary school
1433 S. Oakland St.
Aurora, CO 80012

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