Fourth Grade

  • ​​​​Team:  Suzanne Ervin and Ali​ Palladino 


    Philosophy and Goals:  

    The fourth grade team shares a vision for promoting achievement, self advocacy, and self esteem among learners.

    Our values and beliefs include the following:

    • Fostering high expectations
    • Fostering essential skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
    • Developing problem-solving skills
    • Promoting behaviors which encourage respect, responsibility, and caring
    • Developing decision making skills
    • Encouraging humor and creativity
    • Facilitating the development of organization skills

    Our 4th grade curriculum is based on the Colorado Academic Standards  


    Program Highlights: 

    Area:  English Language Arts

    Students are surrounded by a variety of good literature and informational text in a climate that encourages thoughtful reflection, sharing, and response. Areas of focus are complex literature, complex informational text, writing to inform and explain, narrative and opinion writing. 

    Area:  Math

    Math is a language which helps provide clarity, objectivity, and understanding to our world. Students apply mathematic skills, problem solve real world situations, and demonstrate understanding through multiple modes.

    Math Domains:

    • Operations/Algebraic Thinking
    • Numbers/Operations in Base Ten
    • Numbers/Operations-Fractions
    • Measurement and Data
    • Geometry

    Area:  Hands-On Science

    Our hands-on FOSS science units are designed to facilitate students' curiosity and further promote their understanding of scientific concepts. Units include Environments; Sun, Moon and Planets; and Magnetism and Electricity

    Area: Personal Financial Literacy (Mini-Society)

    Students learn the basics of starting and running a small business. Concepts studied include supply and demand, balancing a checkbook, and producing and selling a product.


    Area:  Social Studies

    Students study history, geography, economics, and civics as it relates to Colorado.

Last Modified on September 26, 2023