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  • Welcome to Sunrise!

    Sunrise is a K-5 Elementary school which follows the traditional calendar for Cherry Creek Schools. We offer Integrated Arts as part of our curriculum which include Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology. Art is taught by Joanna Gates. Music is taught by Kristina Natale. Physical Education is taught by Andy Folkestad. Technology is taught by Susan Isaac.  


    Enrichment / Gifted and Talented

    The focus of our program is to provide opportunities for students to pursue and develop their potential within an enthusiastic approach towards learning that challenges inquiry, draws out individual talent, and leads to personal fulfillment and optimal academic/intellectual growth.


    Student Council

    Student Council Students are elected to serve on the Student Council by their peers. Our student council participates in many projects designed to serve our neighborhood community and our Sunrise community. These projects have included Pennies for Patients, food drives, and the movie nights,  to name a few.


    English Language Support (ELS)

    Our ELS program provides specialized instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for English Language Learners. Students spend the majority of their time in the regular classroom with a portion of their day in the ELS classroom. The essential component of the ELS program is the development of academic language along with conversational language. The goal is to develop the student's language skills to the point he/she can work successfully in the classroom.


    Sunrise Kid's Club
    Before and After School Program

    Sunrise offers a before and after school program which provides opportunities for reinforcement of basic skills, and enrichment activities. The program is fee based.


    Health Club with Coach Folkestad

    Our PE teacher offers various health club activities after school including running club, jump rope club, lacrosse club, basketball club, and cup stacking. Students sign up with Coach Folkestad.

    Follow the below links for Cup Stack Videos

    Speed Stacks 3-6 Competition Day

    Speed Stacks K-2 Timed 3-6-3-Relay


    4th & 5th Grade Choir

    Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to participate in after school choir. The group explores numerous types of music from around the world, in addition to movie soundtracks, today’s hits, and much more! Choir members rehearse twice per week in order to prepare for multiple performances throughout the school year.


    Student Broadcasting

    Sunrise has a student broadcasting system where our fifth grade students report live on activities, news, and special events that occur throughout the school. These daily broadcasts provide an excellent source of communication within the school community.



    Tech-sperts consists of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who are interested in technology and assist teachers with technology equipment. Tech-sperts learn how to setup and troubleshoot digital cameras, projectors, document cameras, and the sound system equipment as well as printers. They also learn how to troubleshoot simple tasks on the computers and smartboards.

    Teachers recommend tech-sperts based on their interest in technology, academic success, willingness to miss their recess once a week, and follow the 3B's (Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful). Mrs. Liggins will dismiss the tech-sperts for lunch after the meeting.



    Twice a year Sunrise offers a Robotics Club. Fourth and fifth grade students are eligible to apply using an essay application process.


    Library & Technology

    Educational Technology and Information Literacy standards are emphasized in the Library & Technology specials rotation. Students go to the school library for twice a semester where they learn valuable library and research skills. They use technology daily to organize their research. Students also go to the computer lab for twice a semester where they utilize the latest technology to create multimedia presentations, reports, or other projects that emphasis higher level thinking & technology.



    Newbery Club

    Third, fourth, and fifth graders at Sunrise Elementary are voracious readers with high standards. They read the best new releases and evaluate them using the same criteria as the John Newbery Award Committee. Sunrise Newbery Club members become ambassadors for great literature among their peers, and are often looked to for book recommendations!

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