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    Walnut Hills Clubs and Activities

    Walnut Hills is able to offer a multitude of clubs and activities throughout the school year for our kids. We did our best to spread out the dates and times clubs and activities are offered so that students can join more than one throughout the year. Due to the limited amount of time during a regular week, there may be more than one activity offered at the same time. Please help you child through the process of deciding which activities they would most like to join and talk about the commitment it takes to attend all of the meeting dates. See last page for description of clubs.

    Clubs & Activities

    Art Club – This club is for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade students who love art! Mrs. Welsh

    Battle of the Books – This group of 4th and 5th grade meets twelve times including the Cherry Creek School District Battle of the Books, to explore a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. They will then compete against other schools with their knowledge of what they have read. Mrs. Miller

    Chess Club – 1st-5th grades can come learn about the game of chess and compete against others at their level. 1st 1nd 2nd are in the fall and 3rd – 5th are in the spring. Mrs. Solomon

    Choir – The 4th and 5th grade students prepare for the concerts in December and May. 3rd grade can join Choir in the spring. The choirs will also take a field trip in the fall and spring near their concert times. Ms. Adams

    Handchimes – The 5th grade students will prepare for the May concert. Ms. Adams

    Intramurals: For 3rd-5th grades where kids have the opportunity to play a variety of sports. Mr. Phelps

    Math Club & Math Challenge– 1st - 5th grade students will be building math skills and having a great time with math games. Ms. Lovely.

    Programming and Robotics – 1st & 2nd grades will have a chance to learn programming and robotics. 2nd grade will be in the fall and 1st grade in the spring. Mr. Phelps and Mr. Sanders

    Student Council – 2 class representatives from each classroom are elected to serve on Student Council. They take part in helping the school with many activities throughout the year. Mrs. Lienemann & Mr. Mohrhaus

    Successful Students – 4th and 5th grade students who want to work on their homework after school are invited to attend. Mrs. Meyer, Mr. Mohrhaus & Mrs. Shovein

    Writing and Art Club – 3rd -5th grade students get to explore their creativity through writing and art. Mrs. Ragnow

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