• Mission Viejo Elementary PTCO Board Members​




    Summer Whitlock – President

    Jackelyn "Jackie" Papi – Vice President 

    Krystal “Krys” Medford – Treasurer 

    Tia Bynes – Hospitality

    Jesscia Gruen – Secretary


    Please contact any or all of us at – misptco@friendsofccsd.org


    Don't forget to like us on Facebook at Mission Viejo Elementary PTC​O!


    Don't forget to turn your Box Tops in to the front office!  Each Box Top adds up!



    ​We Love Volunteers!  Have five minutes?  Have a gift for planning ​a party or taking photographs? Don't worry, we don't need you to sign over your life but if you're interested in helping with the yearbook, end of year carnival, BINGO nights, or coming up with fundraising ideas we'd love to hear from you!  Contact us at 720-886-8000.

Last Modified on September 14, 2022