• Our Mission

    Our mission is to align resources with the vision and direction of the school to enrich the learning environment while empowering parents, teachers and students to succeed. Our desire as a PTCO is to exemplify teamwork and community while fostering productive, healthy partnerships with teachers and administration staff.  We strive to operate our organization with integrity and passion. We encourage parents and teachers to build great relationships with each other and with our children to ensure a better environment for our families and community as a whole.  We will help create a safe, secure and exciting atmosphere which is conducive to learning, growing, success and fun!  

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2021-2022 PTCO Meeting Dates

  •  6:00 - 7:00 pm

    9/8/21  1st PTCO Community Meeting via Zoom




    5/11/21  PTCO Final Community Meeting







    President - Carrie Cook

    Co-president - Effie Ginsberg

    Secretary - Annie Taylor

    Treasurer - Stacey Carmel



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