2022 2023 School Supply List




    1-Full size backpack

    1-Box of #2 pencils (24 count)

    4-Boxes of 24 count crayons

    9-Glue sticks

    1-Pair of scissors with pointed tip

    1-Box of thick markers, classic colors

    8-Dry erase markers

    9-Glue sticks

    1-Headphones (will only be used by your child) *No earbuds-labeled with your child’s name

    1-Box of gallon size zipper bags

    1-Box of sandwich size zipper bags

    2-Boxes of tissues

    2-Plain plastic pocket folders, 1 red, 1 blue

    Antibacterial wipes-3 container

    Hand Sanitizer




    First Grade(1)


    1-Container of Sanitizing Wipes

    1-Tissue Box

    2-24 count crayons

    1-Pair of scissors

    1-18 count sharpened pencils

    1-5 pack glue sticks

    1-Red Folder

    1-Yellow Folder

    1-Box Gallon size bags

    1-Water bottle with a sippy top


    1-Pair of headphones ( No earbuds, Please)

    ** Most Supplies are shared among students. Please only label your child’s headphones, Water bottle, and backpack.




    Second Grade(2)


    2-Plastic Red folder WITHOUT Prongs with pockets

    2-Plastic 3 PRONG blue folders with pockets

    2-Plastic Yellow folders WITHOUT Prongs with pockets

    2-Wide ruled composition notebooks

    2-Boxes of Crayons (24 count)

    1-Box zipper storage bags

             (Boys-Gallon size, Girls-Quart size)

    4-Tissue Boxes

    2-Package of 4 count Black dry erase

             markers (Fine point)

    1-Package of Ear buds or Headphones

    4-Glue Sticks

    24-Wooden Pencils

    1-Pair of scissors

    4-Pink erasers

    1-8 Pack of washable markers

    1-8 Pack colored pencils

    2-Packs of 3x3 size sticky notes



    Third Grade(3)


     1 -pair of quality headphones

     (no blue tooth)

    2 -boxes of sharpened No. 2 pencils

        (24 ct.)

    1 -Pencil box

    1 -Box of crayons,-Box of markers or colored pencils

    1 -Pair of scissors (sharp)

    2 -Large boxes of tissues

    3 -Composition notebooks

    3 -2-pocket sturdy folders, no metal

        prongs inside (different solid colors)

    4 -Pack of black dry erase markers

    1 -Package of erasers for pencils

    1-Large pack of glue sticks

    2-Containers of all-purpose cleaning wipes

    1-Box of sandwich sized zipper-seal

        bags (GIRLS ONLY)

    1-Box of gallon sized zipper-seal bags

        (BOYS ONLY)




    Fourth Grade(4)


    4-Composition notebooks


    1-Box of pencils

    1-Box of crayons OR colored pencils

    1-Pair of scissors

    1-Pack of erasers

    4-glue sticks


    1-4 BLACK dry erase markers

    1-Package of loose leaf paper

    2-Tissue boxes

    1-Pencil box

    1-Water bottle

    1-Pack of sticky notes

    1-Headset or earphones

    1-Box of zipper storage bags



    Fifth Grade(5)


    2-Pack of dry erase markers

    2-Packs of pre-sharpened pencils

    5-Compositon notebooks


    2-Tissue box

    2-Container of disinfectant wipes

    1-Package of loose leaf paper

    1-Bottle hand sanitizer

    1-pair of headphones



Last Modified on August 3, 2022