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    Parent Teacher Community Organization


    Who is the PTCO?

    You are!  The PTCO is every parent, teacher, and Walnut Hills community member.

    What is the PTCO?

    The PTCO is a non-profit organization that raises funds to assist in attaining the highest level of education and welfare for all the students of Walnut Hills.

    When is the PTCO?

    We meet the second Tuesday of every month at Walnut Hills Elementary School.  Snacks and childcare are provided and everyone in the community is welcome.

    How does the PTCO raise money?

    Around $20K is raised annually by community events including silent auction, restaurant nights, Read4Funds, Run4Funds, sock hop, game night, and pledges.

    Where are the funds spent?

    Pie chart showing how PTCO funds are spent



Last Modified on August 2, 2022