• Welcome to STEM!


    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is part of the Specials rotation at Independence.                                    

    During STEM students will engage in a variety of activities that will prepare them for a bright future.

    Throughout the year students will be learning about and participating in the following:

    • Digital Citizenship - Teaches the importance of being safe, respectful, and responsible when using any form of technology whether at school or home.

    • Engineering Projects - Challenges small groups of ‘engineers’ to work together to solve real-world problems. Some of these challenges range from developing earthquake resistant buildings to designing 3-foot towers using only index cards and tape.

    • Programming and Coding - Introduces students to the beginning skills of coding using Blockly.

    • Robotics - Allows students to use their knowledge of coding to program Dash robots or moveable Lego projects.

    • Engineering Design Process - Shows students the series of steps engineers use to solve problems. Students will learn they repeat these steps as many times as needed, making improvements along the way as they learn from their failures and uncover new design possibilities to arrive at their desired result.


    Overall, STEM will help students become creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors!

    I look forward to another great year with our future engineers!

    Mrs. Struhar

Last Modified on April 29, 2020