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Integrated Arts

  • Habits of Mind - Mrs. Kim Casali


    What are our 1st - 4th grade students learning during their Habits of Mind classes?

       Students are learning about the steps for creative problem solving through activities that help them identify the problem, participate in idea finding, determine solutions and prepare ways to put ideas to work.

       Students are learning about Information Literacy.  In today’s high tech world we are faced with new resources and volumes of information that increase daily.  Students are learning to read these texts efficiently, sort through facts and determine what is important in the materials they access.  They also learn to use these technologies safely.

       Research is one of the most important techniques our children will develop during their time in school.  With global information growing exponentially, our students must learn how to locate the information needed, sort it, and organize it in order to help them communicate concerns about issues they face in their futures.  Students spend time in Habits of Mind seeking information about relevant topics in their world.​

    Habits of Mind outline


  • Music - Mrs. Amy King


  • STEM/Technology - Mrs. Monica Winkler


  • Physical Education - Mr. Jeff Gaede


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