Art at Cimarron


    My art program at Cimarron rigorously encourages students to create meaningful art projects through a variety of media.  For example, first and second graders explore techniques using oil pastels, glue, watercolors, weaving and ceramics.

    Fourth and Fifth grade students go on to create masks and portrait collages influenced from personal contemporary and culturally relevant experiences. These students are then prepared on how to draw three dimensionally using techniques such as shading, one point perspective, overlapping shapes and drawing from observation.

    Students' artwork is continuously on display to the public at Cimarron and certain public shows throughout Aurora in coffee shops and Libraries.

    Students and parents also have the opportunity to take part in a nationally recognized fund-raiser called "Original Works" where students create a painting or drawing and can get their work printed on fine products such as ceramic mugs, bags and T-shirts.

    Furthermore, I host an after school art club open to fourth and fifth graders where students collaborate and explore other techniques outside of regular art class. This can include extensive design practices creating stage props and backdrops for performances.

    My overall goal for Cimarron students is to inspire the passion of making, thinking, observing and connecting their art work to the outside world, themselves and demonstrating how these components play a crucial role in critical thinking and problem solving later in life.

    Dan Lopez Picture

    Dan Lopez currently runs the art program at Cimarron and has been teaching since 2003. He is also a contemporary oil painter whose works have been shown nationally and internationally. Mr. Lopez earned a B.F.A. from Colorado State University and The Santa Chiara Study Center in Italy with concentrations in Drawing, Ceramics and Art History. He went on to earn his Master's Degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. He resides in Aurora with his family.  Mr. Lopez loves painting, fly-fishing, running and traveling.


    Dan Lopez

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