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    Ms. Ewing's Biography

    Ms. Ewing is an experienced performer and teacher who plays her flute and piccolo professionally throughout the greater Denver area. In addition, she is currently teaching flute students ranging in age from 6th grade to adults and piano lessons to beginners ranging in age from Pre-K to - 5th. She has performed on her flute at Carnegie Hall and has studied with some of the best flute teachers both nationally and internationally. She has been an elementary music teacher since 2003 and has worked at Cimarron since 2005. She is very passionate about working with children. She loves to help them understand the beauty of music in all forms as well as the technical side of reading music, learning note names, counting notes and being exposed to music from other cultures.

    Currently Ms. Ewing teaches grades 1 – 5 general music classes here at Cimarron Elementary, assists with Kindergarten reading and is a mentor in the Tier 2 Intervention program called Check-In/Check-Out where she helps students achieve behavior goals in their classrooms. Over her years, she has offered many after school clubs including: Choir, Recorder Club, Percussion Club and a full-on Nutcracker Ballet performance. She alternates doing a grade level show each year and the grade level shows are the following: ​1st Grade- "E-I-E-I-Oops", 2nd Grade- "The Granny Awards", 3rd Grade- "Assignment Earth", 4th Grade- "Colorado History", and 5th Grade does an end of the year Continuation Performance.  ​

Last Modified on June 12, 2019