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Wolf Creek

  • In Wolf Creek we strive to make the end of elementary a successful time as well as a comfortable transition to middle school. We do this by enjoying all the perks of being in elementary while holding high expectations for behaviors and academics. We also use our planners daily to help with organization.

    English Language Arts

    Throughout the year, each child will read a variety of novels in different ways. Novels will be read aloud, together, in book clubs, and independently. We provide a range of levels, genres, and choices for all students. We also use picture books to enhance reading and writing. Writing is incorporated into reading. We experiment with expository, persuasive, and narrative writing through the writing process. Our focus is on using all 6 Traits of writing across genres.


    Fifth graders will explore Living Systems, Weather on Earth, and Mixtures and Solutions throughout the year. In the spring our health unit on Growing up Healthy will be a short focus.

    Social Studies

    We study history of the United States from European exploration of the western continents to the establishment of the thirteen colonies. Fifth graders will also explore some of the major events of the 20th Century. Personal Financial Literacy is the focus on our Ameritowne unit with a culminating day at Ameritowne.


    We continue to strive for kids to have a deeper understanding of math and numbers. A major focus of the grade is fractions. We use a number of different strategies and procedures to support student learning as well as the standard algorithm. Our math games have always been a fun way to learn and practice skills. Math games are usually played at least one time a week.

    Just for 5th Graders

    The fifth graders are assigned a first grade reading buddy. They will meet with their buddy 2x a month. Buddies will sometimes read together or complete a fun activity. The fifth graders have always enjoyed being a great role model for their buddy.

    The fifth graders also put on a great show! The specials teachers all work together to put on a show filled with art, music, technology, and physical movement. This show is the spring. The fifth graders love to show off how hard they have worked.

    The final day of school for the fifth graders will be a day to remember. We start with a family picnic and end in the evening with the continuation ceremony. The fifth graders each have a chance to share a special memory with the crowd and enjoy a reception put on by the families. There are always a few tears.

    Field Trips

    Fall: Georgetown Loop and Railroad with added mine tour

    Winter: Heart Dissection at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

    Spring: Ameritowne

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