• Stephanie Lubken

     Stephanie Lubken


    BA, MA, PhD

    Favorite Quotes

    “Be the reason someone smiles today.”  -The Kindness Project


    Music at Heritage​


    • Expression of Music
    • Creation of Music
    • Theory of Music
    • Aesthetic Value of Music


    Stephanie Lubken is the music teacher at Heritage. The goal at the elementary music level is for children to have different musical experiences and develop a lifetime love of music. Music classes provide students with a hands-on, authentic chance to experience music. The children discover that music is more than just singing and messing around with the instruments. They also read and notate music, create rhythms, learn about composers and styles of music, and use dance and movement.

    We offer two popular before-school music classes that begin in October. Fun with Music is for kindergarten through second grades and meets on Mondays. The Heritage Players is the third through fifth grade drama club and meets on Tuesdays.  Enrollment in these popular classes is done through a lottery system.

Last Modified on August 29, 2019