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    Greetings from the Art Room and welcome back to school!

    Students in grades (K – 5) learned that fingerprints are impressions made by tiny ridges on the tips of their fingers. Students learned that there are three kinds of fingerprint patterns which are loop, whorl, and arch. They enjoyed discovering which one of the patterns looks most like theirs. Students also learned that no two fingerprints are exactly alike. Students discovered that many patterns seen in fingerprints are similar to those found elsewhere in nature such as sand ripples left by the tide on a beach. For this project, students made a willow branch and designed characters from their fingerprints. Making fingerprint creations became a very empowering experience as students realized they are UNIQUE and that no one in the world has their same imprint pattern!

    Terri Orlovsky

    Art Teacher

Last Modified on June 12, 2019