Student Achievement Services (SAS)

  • ·       The Student Achievement Services team at High Plains develops Individual Education Plans for students with disabilities under guidelines mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Additionally, the team serves as a resource for parents, classroom teachers and students.

    Our team consists of the following members:

    Dr. Cat Thompson and Dr. Taylor Still, School Psychologist, Mental Health Provider: Dr. Thompson and Dr. Still provides educational opportunities for students by teaching Bullyproofing and our High Five expectations in the general education classroom. She helps with classroom interventions, ADHD screenings, crisis intervention and assessments, and assessments that are part of special education. Dr. Thompson and Dr. Still organize the High Plains PBIS Initiative and the Peer Ambassador Program.

    Carrie Keimig and Julie Rodriguez, Learning Disabilities Teachers: Mrs. Keimig and Mrs. Rodriguez provide assessments and services to students to identify students who do not achieve adequately for the child’s age or to meet grade level standards. Mrs. Keimig and Mrs. Rodriguez utilize research based interventions to help remediate educational deficits.

    Maureen Simon and Paige Lujan, Speech/Language Pathologist: Mrs. Simon and Ms. Lujan provide speech and languages screenings and assessments to students to determine identification of disabilities. Ms. Simon and Ms. Lujan providen appropriate programming to students with articulation, receptive and/or expressive language or other various language based disabilities. 

    Marie Toole, Occupational Therapist and Julia Brown, Physical Therapist: Mrs. Toole and Mrs. Brown provide assessments and services for students with fine and gross motor needs, sensory processing and ADHD. Physical coordination and eye hand coordination are examined as well as a child’s independence in daily routines and self-help skills

    Nomi Kornfeld and Jodi Young, ILC teachers: Ms. Kornfeld and Ms. Young provide assessment and services for student with severe needs and Autism. The ILC (Integrated Learning Center) teaches life skills, and adapts general education curriculum as a foundation for learning. many students are mainstreamed in the general education classroom. 

    Renee Shykind, School Nurse: Ms. Shykind provides the necessary Physical health history of a student’s growth and development when determining a student’s eligibility for an IEP. She assesses hearing and vision and those implications to learning. Ms. Shykind assists the team in setting the medical accommodations that promote the child’s availability for education.

Last Modified on August 22, 2019