• Welcome to the 2023-2024 Raptor Reading Challenge!

    Over the course of the school year, we are challenging the faculty, staff, and students of Eaglecrest High School to read from a variety of genres. As you complete a book from one of the genres on the BINGO sheet, record what you read and work to complete a BINGO!

    Students and Staff: Come by the Library to get a copy of the #RRChallenge BINGO Card or download a copy of it here.

    Students: Check with your English teacher to see how much extra-credit he/she is offering for participating in the Raptor Reading Challenge! 

  • Encouraging students and faculty to read is a priority for the Eaglecrest Library, and the staff strives to help everyone find a book and genre they love. But challenging people to read beyond personal preference is inherent to this challenge. To find out more about how the Library accomplishes this, read the article "Promoting Reading and Reading Diversely in High School Libraries" on the HUB.

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Suggested Booklists

  • Arab Author

  • Asian Author

  • Authors/Character with a Disability

  • Award Winning

  • Banned/Challenged

  • Black Voices

  • Fantasy

  • Funny/Humorous

  • Graphic Novels

  • Historical Fiction

  • Indigenous Authors

  • Latine Authors


  • Love Story

  • Memoir or Biography

  • Mystery/Scary/Horror

  • Non-Fiction

  • Published in the Last Year

  • Realistic Fiction

  • Sci-Fi/Dystopian

  • Short Story Collection

  • Sports-Related Books

  • Written in Verse/Poetry Collection