Student Registration and Change of Address


    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can Register your child or Update your home address  remotely via e-mail or FAX or by appointment. 
    Carefully review the documents needed below for either Registration or for Change of Address.
    Remote Service:  Please submit the completed forms and documents via email to or FAX the documents to 720-554-4558. You can scan and upload the documents or even take a clear picture on your phone to send them via email. Please send one email per student you are registering.    An Admissions Specialist will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, so please only submit your paperwork one time.  The remote process may take a few days, so please be patient.By Appointment: For families who are unable to use the remote process, you are able to self-schedule appointments online via a SignUp Genius link posted on this website 4-5 days in advance. 
    Sign Up Genius for In Person Appointments
    If you are unable to email or fax your documentation and use the Remote Services available with District Admissions, you may sign up for an in-person appointment in the District Admissions office of your choice.   Please use the Sign Up Genius link below to schedule an in-person appointment.  Only one person should attend the appointment (when possible), and masks are required.   Be sure to bring all of the documentation needed to register or change your address.   You may arrive up to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time if you have not filled out the needed paperwork (see below).

     WEST OFFICE - 9150 E Union Ave Greenwood Village, CO 80111          CLICK HERE to schedule an In-Person Appointment - WEST Office

    EAST OFFICE - 5416 S. Riviera Way, Centennial, CO 80015                 CLICK HERE to Schedule an In Person Appointment  - EAST Office 


    Cherry Creek School District has centralized enrollment where all students must be registered in an Admissions office prior to attending school. Parents can register their students beginning in April for the next school year (Kindergarten registration starts in February) or once the school year has started, within two weeks before the student will be attending school. It is not necessary for the student(s) to be present when registering at District Admissions. Once registered, parents will be given information about their child's specific school and the next steps. Secondary students will need to meet with a school counselor to determine the appropriate class schedule before attending classes.


    Documents Needed to Register or Re-enroll a Student

    The following documents are required for all new & returning student registrations. You must satisfy ALL SEVEN criteria:

    1. Verification of Parent Residency

      (**Please note that actual residency at the address is required.**)
      • If you OWN your home, please bring ONE of the following:

        • Current Gas or Electric Bill (No Disconnect or Final Notices) - Current or last month only - must include all pages of the entire bill
        • Warranty Deed if purchased within the last 60 days
        • Three pieces of current USPS business mail received - with at least 1 item being a utility bill for the address
        • Future Purchase Contract - Complete, signed contract with Possession Date and Closing Date within the current semester / trimester.
      • If you RENT, please bring ONE of the following:

        • Current Gas or Electric Bill (No Disconnect or Final Notices) - Current or last month only - must include all pages of the entire bill
        • A fully executed Lease Agreement for a new property leased within the last 60 days
        • Three pieces of current USPS business mail received - with at least 1 item being a utility bill for the address
        • Future Lease -  Fully executed Lease Agreement and a receipt of the first month's rent payment.  (During the school year, you must be moving in within two weeks of registration.)
      • If you LIVE WITH ANOTHER FAMILY, please bring ALL of the following:

        • Completed and NOTARIZED Co-Resident Form
        • NOTE: Co-Residency renewals will need three (3) pieces of current business mail received within the last 30 days. No duplicate pieces, no CCSD mail, no personal mail can be accepted.
        • Verification of residency for the family with whom you are living with, such as their current gas/electric bill (see list above).
        • AND

        • Current proof of your residency at that address. (ie: bank statement, insurance statement, new Colorado drivers license receipt, mail received, etc., with your name, the address and the date clearly listed)

      • If you are currently experiencing homelessness or are in transitional housing:

    2. Birth Certificate




      This is REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS regardless of age or grade. Your child must be 5 years old on or before October 1st to attend kindergarten, or be 6 years old on or before October 1st to enter first grade.
    3. Immunization Records

    4. Family Admissions Form (one per family and for change of address)

    5. Census of English Language Learners (one per child registration)

    6. Previous School Release of Records (one per child registration)

    7. Picture I.D. of parent

     Please email all documentation, complete forms and your photo ID to


    To Change or Update Address

    To change/update your home address, please email your Verification of Parent Residency documentation and your photo ID to (See #1 above)


    Families with Transitional Housing Situations:

    We understand that due to the COVID virus, life has changed for many of our families. If your living situation has changed for any of the following reasons, please text, email or call Leslie Navarro-Walker (CCSD Homeless and Community Engagement Specialist) at 303-681-4513 or .

    Click here for the CCSD McKinney-Vento Questionnaire

    Do any of the following apply to the current housing situation for the student?

    • In an emergency or transitional shelter,
    • In a motel, hotel or campsite due to lack of alternative, adequate accommodations,
    • In a car, park, temporary RV, abandoned building, substandard housing, public or private space not designated for human beings or similar setting,
    • Living with another family due to loss of housing or economic hardship; "doubled-up."

    Your school-age children may qualify for certain rights and protections under federal laws.


    Active Military Families - New to Colorado

    In addition to the residency documentation already listed for enrollment into Cherry Creek Schools, active military families who have been assigned to Buckley AFB from out of state/country can enroll in school within the Cherry Creek School District with the following documentation:

    • Military Orders with a report date within the last 60 days.
    • A signed Lease/Rental agreement with a move-in date within the next 60 days or a Purchase Contract with a closing date listed to a property within CCSD.
Last Modified on October 19, 2020