• PBIS Coach - Chelsea Carson

  • Instructional Coach - Melissa Klemenz

    Birthday: May 16
    Favorite Color: Pink
    Favorite flower: Tulip
    Favorite Drink: Smart Water, Iced Tea, Bubly, La Croix
    Starbucks Order: Hot: Nonfat latte with one pump classic Cold: Iced Coffee with cream with one pump classic
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant(s): The Melting Pot, Coperta, Chipotle
    Favorite School Supplies: Colorful pens, Mr. Sketch Markers
    Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping, Trying new restaurants
    Allergies or dislikes: No allergies but dislike bananas and onions

  • Psychologist - Lindsey Grove

    Birthday: 10/12
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite flower: peony
    Favorite Drink: Diet Coke
    Starbucks Order: iced coffee with vanilla and heavy cream
    Favorite Store(s): Tattered Cover, B&N, BeeOtch cosmetics
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Sputnik, NY Deli, Bagel Deli,
    Favorite School Supplies: to do lists, pens! (flair felt tip, pilot frixion)
    Hobbies: Dungeons and Dragons, reading, scuba diving
    Allergies or dislikes: Milk chocolate
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  • Social Worker - Sara Miles

  • Social Worker - Robyn Wertheimer-Hodas

    Name: Robyn Wertheimer
    Birthday: 4/9
    Favorite Color: Blues
    Favorite flower: Sunflower
    Favorite Drink: Diet coke
    Favorite Snack:
    Starbucks Order: Green Ice tea unsweetened
    Favorite Store(s): Dollar Tree, Nordstrom rack, bookies
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Sushi Den
    Favorite School Supplies: Post Its
    Allergies or dislikes: garlic:)

  • ELA - Sara Rodgers

    Birthday: July 8
    Favorite Color: blue and yellow
    Favorite flower: daisy
    Favorite Drink: Cherry coke
    Starbucks Order: White chocolate mocha
    Favorite Store(s): Barnes and Nobles, REI
    Favorite Restaurant(s): MOD Pizza
    Favorite School Supplies: Colorful pens
    Hobbies: running, playing the piano, reading, travelling

  • ELA - Christina Vatansever

    Birthday: July 13th
    Favorite Color: Orange
    Favorite flower: Peonies
    Favorite Drink: Strawberry kombucha
    Starbucks Order: Vanilla Latte
    Favorite Store(s): Anthropologie
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Sushi Den
    Favorite School Supplies: Smelly markers & sticky note charts
    Hobbies: Yoga, swimming, biking, travelling, languages, gardening
    Allergies or dislikes: Intense dislike of cilantro

  • GT - Alexandria Ralat

  • Intervention - Sydney Loewenstein

    Birthday: June 2nd
    Favorite Color: Pink and grey
    Favorite flower: Peonies, Hydrangeas
    Favorite Drink: Spindrift Sparkling Water/La Croix
    Starbucks Order: Iced decaf passion tea lemonade/Unsweetened passion tea
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Chipotle
    Favorite School Supplies: Colorful pens
    Hobbies: Cooking/baking, spending time with my family, hiking, crafting

  • Intervention - Ashley Bye

    Birthday: January 27
    Favorite Color: Neutrals
    Favorite flower: Sunflowers
    Favorite Drink: La Croix or Ginger Ale
    Starbucks Order: Iced or Hot Coffee (Pike) with one raw sugar and dash of half/half
    Favorite Store(s): Amazon, Nordstrom, Homegoods
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Chuy's or Jing
    Favorite School Supplies: Dry Eraser Markers
    Hobbies: Concerts, Sport eventings, exercising, being a mom, traveling
    Allergies or dislikes: no allergies

  • LD - Katelyn Collyer

    Birthday: August 11
    Favorite Color: Teal
    Favorite flower: Sunflowers
    Favorite Drink: Coffee
    Starbucks Order: Iced coffee with cream and sugar
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Marshals, TJ Maxx
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Panera
    Favorite School Supplies: Colored Pens, Post it Notes
    Hobbies: reading, hiking, baking, being outdoors
    Allergies or dislikes: None
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  • OT - Kendra Geddes

    Birthday: 5/14
    Favorite Color: earth tones, dark green
    Favorite flower: any amber, deep orange flowers
    Favorite Drink: Coke Zero, seltzer water
    Starbucks Order: Decaf latte or decaf americano
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Bath and Body Works, Amazon, Athleta
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Panera, Dog Haus, Einsteins
    Favorite School Supplies: crayola pipsqueak markers, colored pencils
    Movies, yoga, The Tonight Show, puzzles, brain games

  • Speech - Lauren Gutstadt

    Birthday: May 18
    Favorite Color: Blue, purple, green, pink
    Favorite flower: Plumeria, hydrangea, lilac, peony
    Favorite Drink: Tea
    Starbucks Order: Chai latte
    Favorite Store(s): Costco, Target, Home Goods
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Crumbl, sushi
    Favorite School Supplies: Sticky notes
    Hobbies: Reading, painting, escape rooms, puzzles
    Allergies or dislikes: Coffee, avocado, coconut

  • Zen Den - Aurora Hodson

  • LD Para - Terry Campbell