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Golden Heart Honoree: Landy Phillipe

Golden Heart Honoree Profile: Landy Phillipe Landy Phillipe is someone who makes the impossible possible.

Phillipe, a paraprofessional in the Cherry Hills Village Elementary Integrated Learning Center (ILC), has been called “the child whisperer,” finding and tapping into the potential of every child she meets. With over twenty years in the district, she has become known for her calm, grounded personality and no-nonsense approach to helping students succeed.

“The level of growth her kids achieve is nothing short of astounding,” technology teacher Nate Krulish said. “Every student under her care that comes into my specials class does everything the other students do. She is a beacon of light that radiates on all whom she cares for.”

In her work with students who have extensive special needs, Phillipe believes in her students, encouraging them to be the best that they can be.

“Landy has taught us that even with a body that does not work like other kids and a brain that has to overcome many challenges, Harper can do many things that we never knew were possible,” Sarah Kelley, a parent at Cherry Hills Village, shared.

She not only goes the extra mile with her students, but with her colleagues. Phillipe provides mentorship to new teachers and helps everyone in the building learn how to better support students with special needs.

She took to her role as part of the CHVE special education team with a strong work ethic and unwavering compassion,” fourth-grade teacher Emilee Chavez said. “Not only did the students adore Miss Landy when she started her journey at CHVE, but she quickly gained the trust of the staff and parent community many years ago.”

Compassion, selflessness and an innate understanding of children are the hallmarks of Phillipe’s Golden Heart approach to supporting students with special needs. Most of all, she always looks for ways to help students grow and shine because she never stops believing in kids.


Posted 3/2/21.