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Golden Heart Honoree: Susan Effler

Susan Effler Susan Effler brings a personal commitment and investment to her work as districtwide Special Education Severe Needs Coordinator.

At sites across Cherry Creek Schools’ 108 square miles, Effler is a consummate advocate for the needs of all students, no matter their specific needs. In classrooms, in IEP meetings and in one-on-one conversations with students and parents alike, Effler brings an individualized sense of care and commitment to her work.

It's a dedication that stems from her own experience. According to one of Effler’s colleagues, she approaches her work with the perspective of a grandmother whose grandchild has dealt with vision issues; she takes a “special interest” in SPED departments and students at schools across CCSD.

That’s meant taking a personal stake in her work. For example, Effler has spent time at the Colorado School for Deaf and Blind in Colorado Springs, participating in blindfold workshops and other activities to gain a fuller understanding regarding the needs of all students experiencing low vision and blindness.

In her everyday work across the district, Effler’s commitment has come through in her unending willingness to have a hand in myriad tasks and responsibilities. She’s been known to help a department obtain the proper equipment for their students; she’s more than willing to serve as a “point person” for a department’s Medicaid work; she works with administrators to fill out forms and complete paperwork in order to ensure that students get all the resources they need from state departments.

In other words, Effler has turned her own personal experience into a source of inspiration, kindness and support for all students in CCSD. As one of her colleagues notes, Effler “is always looking out for the needs of our students. She is the first person that comes to my mind if I have a question about a procedure, obstacle or if I just need a sympathetic ear.” In other words, her “Golden Heart” knows no boundaries.

- Posted 3/25/21 at 10:30 AM