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All Star Honoree: Kelly Dexter

Kelly Dexter Kelly Dexter truly cares about the employees she supervises at the West Transportation Terminal.

That concern goes much deeper than casual friendliness in the office. Everyone who operates out of the west facility can speak to how much Dexter is invested in the happiness and health of her employees. That means remembering birthdays and important events; it means checking in on the team outside of the regular work day; it means being a supervisor who works hard to ensure that every employee in the department feels valued and valuable.

“When you are cared for as a coworker and friend the way she does, there's nothing you wouldn't do for her,” Transportation West team member Todd Tuell wrote, adding that Dexter was a constant source of support when he faced medical challenges earlier this year. “She was right there checking in to see how she could support me and my family.”

Dexter’s investment in her team didn’t dim during a year that saw plenty of challenges and changes. As the COVID-19 pandemic upended transportation schedules, Dexter was working hard to make sure that clear protocols were in place for drivers, and that the operation continued to run smoothly. She continued to make the west terminal a welcoming place, creating large, visible ‘Thank You’ signs to celebrate the hard work of district drivers. This kind of commitment follows a long-established pattern – last year, Dexter drew on her own resources to spruce up the West Terminal, modifying the front desk to make it look like an operational school bus.

This kind of investment in employees and facilities alike has given the West Terminal an inviting atmosphere that’s infectious. Thanks to Dexter, drivers feel valued, visitors feel welcomed and students benefit from a transportation team that’s ready to tackle any challenges in their path. Dexter constantly makes the Transportation Department and the district as a whole a better place, and that makes her an All Star in every sense of the term.