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All Star Honoree: Kathy Faust

Cherry Creek All Star Honoree: Kathy Faust As the sign on her desk says, Kathy Faust is a “Chaos Coordinator.”

As the Support Specialist for The Cottage preschool program, Faust has spent nine years supporting her colleagues and helping The Cottage run smoothly. Faust’s colleagues know that she is an All Star because of her positive attitude and willingness to ensure that everyone can succeed. Faust not only supports her colleagues at The Cottage, but often works with staff at the nearby Holly Ridge Elementary.

“Kathy goes above and beyond her duties as a support specialist in making each one of us preschool teachers, specialists and paras feel important, needed and special,” Holly Ridge preschool teacher Lori Zorich said.

Faust is intricately connected to everything that goes on in the school and never fails to lend a helping hand. She regularly helps staff and families navigate the emotional ups and downs of preschool. She uses her lunch time to walk parents through technology, knowing how important the school-family connection is.

“She is often the first contact a family has with the district and with preschool,” Early Childhood Director Terri Woodward shared. “She is always friendly and helpful to our families. She answers questions they may have and has walked many families through the online forms.”

In addition to helping the school run smoothly and supporting parents, Faust is always happy to help out with tasks that aren’t part of her normal role and proactively creates solutions. From picking up Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to helping with attendance to celebrating birthdays, Faust has a knack for helping her team feel seen and supported.

“By taking care of so many details, we are freed up to give the children what they need,” Speech Language Pathologist Kris Parker said.


Posted 4/19/21.